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Diane`s Favorite Fixes
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Immediate skin perfection, wrinkle  correction, pore reduction and glow restoration with Diane's Favorite Fixes...

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Diane's Favorite Fixes comes in 2 Gift Boxes:


Un-Wrinkle temporarily smoothes out lines and wrinkles INSTANTLY! Can be used on crow's feet, under eye lines, creases between the brows, upper lip lines, smile lines.


Beyond the Balm with Wrinkle Targeting Complex gives aging lips a fuller, more rounded and youthful look.


Invisible Foundation of Youth for Pores reduces the appearance of large pores and skin irregularities.


GIFT BOX #2   

Coverall Undereye Concealer covers the full range of dark tones and discolorations around your eyes and your face to give you a brighter, younger-looking skin. 


Young Glow! Pearlized Underbase brightens and corrects skin tone by evening out redness.


Young Glow! Pearlized Bronzer provides a hint of sun-kissed luminosity.


Featherproof Lip Duo uses a waxy base to prevent lipstick bleeding. Includes a sheer lip gloss on the other side. 

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