September 28, 2012

Your Best Asset… Your Smile!

How can we make our best facial asset even better? Here are my tips:

  • Practice in front of a mirror until you find your most natural and brightest smile.
  • Are your teeth radiant? This is more than just whitening… They should be sparkling clear from regular professional cleaning with no chip or irregular shaped teeth
  • How are your lips? They should be full, moist, smooth and enhancing your smile. Exfoliate them regularly.
  • Fill in pesky lip lines with Un-Wrinkle. Use a lip liner to keep lipstick neat and edges from feathering.
  • The act of smiling sends out “feel good” chemicals from our brain to make us happier – so keep on smiling all the time!

September 27, 2012

Gorgeous Color Trends of the Fall

French Roast. This rich brown is the perfect way to ease yourself back into winter. Combine with neutrals such as white, beige, tan and light browns.

Honey Gold. This soft and warm shade is a reminder of late autumn afternoons. With its sophistication, it is perfect to be worn as a top or a bottom. Pair with blues, greens or grays for elegant color combinations.

Pink Flambé – Deeper than Rose Smoke, but not as flashy as fuschia. Pink Flambe is perfect for adding a dash of lively color into your fall wardrobe. Make it the center of attention by wearing it with grays and browns.

Tangerine Tango. Fun and  vivacious, tangerine has shown itself on both the spring/summer and fall runways this year, on clothing and accessories.

Ultramarine Green – This rich algae color should be paired it with neutrals like gray, beige or white and other rich colors like navy or eggplant.

Olympian Blue – This universally flattering shade of blue compliments just about everyone and is easy integrate into your existing wardrobe. Wear with other  bright colors or pair with black or white.  

Titanium – A wonderfully soft neutral, it’s perfect to be worn with bright colors like raspberry, lime or lemon or paired with other shades of gray. Titanium will bring elegance to your look this fall/winter.


Adapted from Fall Fashion 2012: Color Trends


September 26, 2012

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September 25, 2012

10 Foods for Radiant Skin 

  1. Almonds: are packed with vitamin E which helps brighten skin by neutralizing free radicals that dull the skin.
  2. Apricots: Our bodies convert the vitamin A in apricots to retinol, which helps the body produce new cells.
  3. Brazil nuts: fight the affects of sunburn with selenium.  This mineral makes skin cells resistant to turning into “sunburn cells,” that produce faulty DNA and can eventually lead to cancer.
  4. Chickpeas: can help diminish scratches, scars and dark marks.  The protein in this legume gives the body amino acids essential for tissue growth and repair.
  5. Crab: The zinc in crab helps reduce inflammation caused by pore clogging oil and bacteria.
  6. Green tea: may help restore elasticity because of its antioxidant properties.
  7. Salmon: is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to hydrate dry skin, and may also help increase the production of collagen and elastin. 
  8. Oranges: The vitamin C in oranges helps to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles by strengthening collagen in the skin.
  9. Sunflower oil: has linoleic acid, a fatty acid that helps create a soft outer layer of cells.  Sauté or bake with sunflower oil to help hydrate skin.
  10. Whole-wheat bread: contains niacin, which helps reduce redness caused by acne, rosacea or other triggers by inhibiting inflammatory agents. 


Source: Adapted from Self Magazine (September 2012)


September 24, 2012

Insider Lip Tips

A beautiful smile can brighten up everyone’s day. And soft, plump, youthful looking lips are definitely a big part of that beautiful smile. So how do we protect and take care of our lips?

  • Exfoliate your lips regularly with a toothbrush to get rid of dead skin cells and keep the surface smooth.
  • Keep your balm on day AND night, as your lip balm acts as a barrier repair not only preventing loss of moisture but also adding some more.
  • Use sun block if you are going out into the sun.
  • To prevent your lipstick from bleeding, line your lips before you apply the color.
  • Lines and wrinkles on the upper lip area? Un-wrinkle carefully painted in will fill in those pesky upper lip lines.
  • Try to avoid using straws as they tend to play a part in the formation of lip lines.
  • Unfortunately, kissing also plays a part but do NOT stop.
  • Avoid licking your lips as it causes your lips to get chapped and dry.
  • Use a serum under your lip balm at night for greater anti-aging skincare benefits.

September 21st, 2012

Enhancing Eye Cream Benefits

Applying an effective anti-aging eye cream with proven benefits twice a day is key to keeping your eyes younger looking while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. But what are some other steps you could take in order to boost the long-lasting benefits of your eye cream?

  • When you are choosing an eye cream, look for one with micro-exfoliation properties. An eye cream with micro-exfoliation will improve wrinkles around your eyes while enhancing firmness and producing smoother skin around the upper and lower eye area.
  • Be consistent with your eye cream application. Apply gently twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.
  • Use an eye serum before you put on your eye cream. It will boost the effectiveness of your eye cream as well as providing some much needed hydration for the delicate skin around the eye area.
  • Use a hydrating mask once a week. Make sure it is one that can be used around the eyes, like Dry Parts Moisture Mask.
  • Use a sunscreen that is safe to apply around the eyes. Make sure to follow the instructions for application on the bottle carefully.
  • Always wear sunglasses when you are outside during the day. Protecting your eyes (and the delicate skin around them) from the sun is crucial when it comes to minimizing lines and wrinkles.


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September 18th, 2012

Sleep Advice Decoded

Sometimes that feeling of exhaustion can be avoided. 

  1. Have to wake up earlier than usual?  Go to bed at your normal time.  Your body is used to going to bed at a certain time.  Trying to go to bed early can actually cause you to stress, making it even harder to go to bed early. 
  2. Unwind with wine at dinner, not bedtime.  Wine can make you sleepy but consuming too much close to bed time leaves you more likely to wake-up frequently throughout the night.
  3. A nap can be good if taken at the right time.  The best time, if you are on a normal 9am-5pm schedule, is between 1 and 3pm.  The recommended length of time is 15-30 minutes, however, if you are very tired 90 minutes will allow you to complete all the phases of sleep.
  4.  Go to the gym, but don’t push yourself too much, especially if you tend to work out in the evening.  Getting your brain and body going too close to bed time can raise your body’s core temperature, making it difficult to calm down. 
  5. Keep your bedroom cool.  You will fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly in a cool room. 
  6. How much sleep you need is dependent on the person.  You might need 5 hours or 9 hours.  When you are well rested keep an eye on how much sleep you need each night.
  7. Try therapy or herbal remedies in place of sleep medications.  Recent studies have shown a link between popular sleeps aids and an increased risk of dying.
Source: Self Magazine (September 2012)

September 17th, 2012

Why Eye Creams are Different

The skin around the eyes is very different than the rest of our body and requires special care. It is the thinnest skin on our body with very few oil glands especially the area right under our eyes. This fragile section is easily damaged - especially by our fingers. The good news is that it heals quickly and can be repaired with the right skin care products.

Your eye cream should be enriched with active ingredients which promote repairing wrinkles and the loss of elasticity. It should also contain concentrated hydration levels so that the necessary amount of hydration is absorbed deep into your skin for extra protection.

Another important factor in formulating eye creams is exfoliation. This very fragile skin needs regular exfoliation just like your face and the rest of your body. Micro-exfoliation will remove tiny skin cells – though not visible to the eye - on a regular basis. This gentle form of exfoliation is perfect for the eye area. You will see and feel the difference after about two weeks of regular use.

Keep in mind - even with the best eye cream formula, you will not see any anti-aging benefits unless you use it consistently. Apply carefully with your tiny finger or your ring finger to both upper and lower eyelids twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Do not apply too close to the lash line because all creams “creep” and we do not want this to get into your eye.

When applying it to your upper eyelid, best results come from applying your cream in the crease line in a padding motion. It will “creep” up to your brow line and down closer to your lash line but not dangerously close. Under the eye, apply right above where your cheekbone starts.


September 14, 2012

Enhance the Benefits of Your Night Cream

Night creams are formulated to give you anti-aging facial treatment while you sleep.

Our luxurious night cream, Awaken Even Younger (one of our best-sellers) is a rich, creamy formula that provides amazing anti-aging benefits, especially when applied regularly, transforming your skin to be moist, glowing and fresh. With its amazing moisturizing system and its super active ingredients, it gives you a more even, brighter, firmer skin with a youthful glow, while diminishing the look of stubborn fine lines and wrinkles.

A night cream’s effectiveness can be enhanced with anti-aging skincare products used before and after. Start by cleaning your face with a hydrating, milky cleanser – such as Age Lift – one that will dissolve dirt and surface debris without overdrying your face. Follow with exfoliating pads – Young & Appealing Exfoliating pads – to remove dead skin cells, dirt and pollution that are harder to rid your face of. These pads will strip all the bits of dirt clogging your pores, leaving you with a smoother texture.

Once you’ve exfoliated your skin with the pads, you have now prepared your face for the heart of the anti-aging night treatment. You have prepared it to fully absorb all the moisture, active ingredients, vitamins and botanicals in your serum and night cream. Apply your serum and then your night cream. Massage thoroughly.

In order to carry the benefits of your night cream on to the next day, make sure to take care of your skin in the morning as well. Apply your eye cream and day moisturizer.

Remember - the most important way to enhance the benefits of your night cream is to use it consistently. Do not skip out on it before going to bed. Apply and massage thoroughly every night and you will see the results.

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September 11, 2012

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Sometimes it can be hard to determine what foods are genetically modified from looking at the labels in super markets.

What is a genetically modified food?

According to Prevention Magazine, “a genetically modified food is one that has had lab-replicated genes from other plans, animals, and even viruses added to it in order to give it new characteristics,” such as a resistance to insects, heat or lack of water.  A few examples include: 91% of soy produced in the US, 85% of corn, and 88% of cottonseed.

Follow these steps to try to avoid genetically modified foods:

  • Stay away from the top 8 genetically modified food crops: corn, soybeans, canola, cottonseed, sugar, beets, Hawaiian papaya, and some zucchini and yellow squash.
  • Go organic: certified organic foods cannot intentionally include genetically modified ingredients.
  • Look for the “Non-GMO Project” seal: this means the products have been independently tested and verified by the Non-GMO Project.
  • Use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide found online or as a free phone application to take the guess work our of grocery shopping.
  • Do your food shopping at Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s, who have both banned genetically modified ingredients from their house brands.


Source: Prevention Magazine (April 2012)

September 10, 2012

Why Everyone Needs a Night Cream

First let’s discuss the difference between a day cream and a night cream. The majority of us are committed to wearing a moisturizer during the day. We are aware of the benefits of protecting our skin from the daytime environments which consist of pollution, sun, heat, air conditioning, and wind.

Some of us will keep using our day-time moisturizer before going to bed at night, thinking we are giving our skin the care and treatment it needs. This, however, is not true. Yes, putting on your daytime moisturizer at night is better than not using any moisturizer before going to bed. But when do this, we are missing a great opportunity to actually treat our aging skin.

At night, the body goes into a healing and repairing mode because we are in a protected environment. It’s an opportunity for our skin to repair the damage that occurs during the day. Using a night cream that is formulated with certain treatment benefits that include more active ingredients will not just aid the repair process but will have more visible anti-aging effects on your skin. These active ingredients can include botanical concentrates, peptides, vitamins and minerals and other ingredients that are known to heal the skin. Furthermore, nighttime formulas feel more luxurious than their daytime versions do because they are richer, creamier and thicker to fully take your skin to the next level. In fact, I think of using a night cream as getting a therapeutic salon treatment while I sleep.

Using a special nighttime formula when your body heals and renews itself can produce amazing benefits. So do not skip this very important step in your skincare regimen. The results will amaze you!

September 7th, 2012

Lifestyle Glow

You might have the necessary beauty products to make your skin “glow” on the outside. But do you know what it takes to “glow” from the inside? Here is what I do on a daily basis; follow these steps and you too will exude radiance, inside and out.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Water is the most crucial thing your body needs; its health benefits are simply endless. Not only does it hydrate your body, but it cleanses your whole system. Try to aim for 8 glasses a day, to feel more energetic and to make your skin have a healthy glow! My tip? I mix a few drops of lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar in for extra cleansing benefits.  Adding one of the three helps in balancing the pH levels of your body, making everything function better.
  • Make some of your meals liquid meals . I make sure to include soup and pureed foods in my diet all the time. The more you age the better care you need to take of your body, letting your system rest and rejuvenate. That is why I have soup and pureed foods 3-4 meals a week. Try it a couple  times and see how it feels to give your digestive tract a rest. Not only will this be detoxifying but it will also be rejuvenating.
  • Drink natural “green drinks”. My favorite green drink is a mix of pureed celery, carrot and spinach, mixed in with water. If you are too busy to make it yourself, get the powder version that can be mixed with a liquid for a green drink.  When I am having the powdered version, I mix it into bottled water. I also add in the juice of half of a lemon and 2 packets of Stevia Plus. My favorite powder comes from All Day Energy Greens .
  • Get regular 7 hours (or more) of peaceful sleep. Your body needs it to recover from the day as well as to cleanse and renew its system.

Follow these steps to help detoxify and replenish your body and skin for a “lifestyle glow”. Little changes like this to your everyday life will make a big difference in how you feel and glow inside and out.

September 6, 2012

Put Your Closet on a Diet

Is it possible to dress to look closer to a size 6 when you're a size 16? Yes.

The biggest mistake a lot of ladies make is wearing clothes that are too big for them, thinking this will camouflage their size issues. But, in reality, larger clothes end up making you look even bigger! 

Here is how you can put your closet on a “diet” – in other words, what you should have in your closet to appear slimmer.

- Pear Shapes

Watch Out For: Elastic and drawstring pants are the enemy because they're too loose and do nothing for your figure. Also, watch out for tees that are too tight.  

Slimming on the Outside: Every woman, no matter what size, needs a little black dress. Look for jersey fabrics that give a little but also hug your shape at the same time. Dresses with pretty gathering on the waist and hips are figure-flattering. Plus, you can always create a slimmer silhouette with a bright blazer on top.

Slimming Underneath: A high-waisted thigh slimmer contours, shapes and smoothes every area that needs it, from belly to the butt and thighs.

- Bigger Midsection

Watch Out For: Avoid wearing white tops and tees – as they make this flaw more visible.

Slimming on the Outside: Blouses that criss-cross or gather at the waist are perfect for minimizing your stomach and creating curves where they didn't seem to exist before! Also, try a pencil or slim skirt with a fun pattern that draws your eyes away from your midsection.

Slimming Underneath: Try a braless bodysuit to suck in your stomach and create a leaner appearance.

- Top Heavy

Watch Out For: Avoid tops that draw the eyes straight to ample cleavage.

Slimming on the Outside: Wrap dresses are great because they come with built-in belts that will accentuate your waist.

Slimming Underneath: Try snapping the Essential Cami into your bra. It's the first backless cami that conceals your cleavage without adding bulk anywhere else on your outfit.


Source: Dr Oz


September 5, 2012

7 Reasons Why Your Diet Isn't Working

Can’t drop those stubborn pounds? These surprising reasons explain why. Read on and change these habits reach your healthy weight goals.

1)    You are not eating enough. Dipping below 1200 calories not only means your body is not getting enough nutrition but also that your metabolism is dramatically slowed down to hold onto those precious calories.

2)    You reward yourself with food after exercise. Burning a certain amount of calories while exercising is great! However, most people are likely to overestimate how much they have exercised and underestimate how much they have eaten after. If you reward yourself with high calorie treats after, you might be undoing all the hard work – you might even be eating more than you have burned. Keep your calorie intake in check!

3)    You reach for diet drinks. Research suggests that diet drinks may backfire because once your body gets a taste of something sweet without the calories, it holds on to calories as fat. Artificial sweeteners can actually raise your insulin levels  and lower your blood sugar, stimulating hunger and moving existing calories into storage in your fat cells.

4)    Your friends are overweight. Your chances of being overweight or obese increase half a percent with every friend in your network who is obese – according to a November 2010 study from Harvard. So gather your friends and embark on an exercise plan to get in shape together.

5)    You’ve eliminated wine. A recent research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that women who drank one to two glasses of wine daily gained less weight over 13 years, compared to those who did not drink alcohol.

6)    You do not record your eating and exercising habits. Writing down what you eat helps you automatically reduce your caloric intake because you are more aware of each bite. With the help of technology – such as smartphone diet and exercise tracking applications – this has gotten even easier. Monitoring your diet and exercise with a digital device, research shows, helps people lose more weight and stick with their diet for longer.

7)    You are eating a No-Carb or Fat-Free diet. Cutting back on any food group can leave you short of nutrients you need to stay energized. Such diets fail because they are not sustainable over a long time. As with all diets, once you quit, you regain the weight you lost, if not more.

Source: Prevention Magazine, April 2012 issue

September 4th, 2012

Your Glow Makes All the Difference

What does younger skin look like?

Well it’s firmer, moist and glowing. Of these three, providing instant radiant glow to your skin is the easiest to achieve.

When you use a makeup product that produces a pearlized finish, your whole face looks brighter, softer and illuminated. It immediately makes you appear younger and more radiant.

Want even more glow? My own personal secret handed down from my grandmother is lemon water. I drink it throughout the day and have been doing this for most of my adult life. Not only will your skin have more glow but your eyes will start to sparkle as well.

Start your glow regimen today.

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