April 2012

April 30, 2012

5 Anti-Aging Foods You May Not Know

  • Black garlic helps to repair age-damaged skin. Uniquely colored due to its fermentation process, black garlic contains double the antioxidants as regular garlic and can be eaten raw. It strengthens and restores skin cells damaged by the aging process. Use it in place of regular garlic in most recipes.
  • Jicama is a crisp root vegetable that can help fight crow’s feet by boosting collagen and fighting wrinkles. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C. Try it either raw or cooked.
  • Jerusalem artichoke can help to fade the appearance of under-eye circles. Their beauty secret is iron – they contain five times more iron as potatoes. Eating them can help to correct an iron deficiency, a common cause of paleness that makes your under-eye bags more apparent.
  • Purslane is an herb that is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. It also is a great source of vitamins A, B and C. Add it to yogurt or salads.
  • Sunflower Seed Butter works to unclog your arteries. It’s rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids including one that lowers your cholesterol. Try it instead of peanut butter.


The Dr. Oz Show


April 27, 2012

Eye Opening Makeup Secrets

As we age gravity is pulling down on our face and body.  Around the eye area the brow droops, the crease sags, the outer corners of the eye turn down, and we get crepeyness on the lid and underneath the eye.  This is a sad state of affairs!

What to do? Specialized formulas and unique beauty tools will create the younger eye opening effect you want:

  • Prepare the skin around the eyes.  The right eye cream will work around the clock to help improve and correct these issues.  You want one that exfoliates, builds firmness, and diminishes the look of crepeyness and wrinkles.
  • Prep lashes and brows.  A specialize serum for this “eye hair” will coat your brows, groom them, tint them, and encourage fullness.  Use the same formula on your lashes.  The protein coating will promote thickness, fullness, conditioning, and tinting.
  • Become a concealing expert.  If you have darkness/redness under your eye, you most likely have it on your upper eye lid as well.  When you apply your concealer under the eye, go above as well.  This is the best eye opening trick I know.
  • Define.  The contours of our eyes loose firmness just like our face.  It is critical to define your upper eye lid, so that it looks firmer and shows the shape of a younger looking eye.  This is one of the hardest things to do in make-up.  A bent-angle brush, with few hairs, used with a liquid formula that has staying power, will be goof-proof and create the look you desire.
  • Add color.  Two rules: no shine and no color!  Aging eyes need to be highlighted with lights and darks.  A lighter color on your lid and a darker color in the crease.  The secret is the right tools for applying and blending.  Sponges on sticks are unique tools that will get this job done. 



April 26, 2012

Spring Cropped Jacket Trends

Put away those heavy coats and jackets you’ve worn all winter! Because they are quickly being replaced by the selection of cropped spring jackets that allow you to make a style statement while still keeping you warm.

As spring is a celebration of bold, bright and vivid colors when it comes to fashion, it’s no wonder that cropped jackets in trend come in all kinds of shades, prints and designs to complete your wardrobe.

Cropped jackets are perfect for the spring because they complement warm-weather clothing such as tank tops, sleeveless dresses and camisoles. Appropriate for both casual and formal occasions, they make a great addition to your work outfit as well.

Light in weight and just the right length for the spring weather, cropped jackets are very convenient to carry around in your purse and protect you in the case of an unexpected chill.

Modern, classy, versatile and extremely convenient, cropped jackets will be your “must” this spring, helping you add a sophisticated and a stylish twist to almost every outfit you can think of.


April 25, 2012

Eye Makeover Video


April 24, 2012

Foods that Fight Cancer

Certain foods can provide cancer-starving benefits. Below are 5 foods to eat that can help prevent cancer growth:

  1. Bok Choy This type of Chinese cabbage contains brassinin; a powerful cancer-fighter, also found in broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.
  2. Cooked Tomatoes have more cancer-fighting properties than raw tomatoes. Both contain the molecule lycopene, but heating the tomato changes its chemical structure and makes the benefits more readily available to your body.
  3. Flounder This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury.
  4. Strawberries The antioxidants in this berry help fight cancers.
  5. Artichokes contain 3 different cancer-fighting molecules.


Source: Adapted from Dr. Oz


April 23, 2012

Younger Looking Eyes

It is easy to take care of the skin around your eyes if you know a few basic facts.

-          Be careful with your hands. Use a milky cleanser, gel or liquid that completely dissolves all makeup even the most resistant eye makeup. Leave the product on for 1 minute. Remove with water or warm damp washcloth (my favorite). Pulling, tugging and rubbing around your eyes are eye-aging habits. Our suggestion for a cleanser: Age Lift Cleansing Milk

-          Add a serum to your daily regimen. This is the secret weapon to correcting and preventing aging skin around the eyes. Use a serum that has been tested specifically for the eye area and use it as instructed on the packaging. It should be applied before your eye cream. Our suggestion : Miraculously Younger Serum

-          You must exfoliate around your eyes. Your antiaging eye cream should be rich and super hydrating. It should also contain a micro exfoliant. This ingredient will remove dead skin cells without you even being aware of it. Two to four weeks after using this kind of product, you will see and feel the difference when you apply your makeup.  Our Suggestion: Miraculously Younger Eye Cream

-          A super eye trick: Consider two eye creams. The daytime formula will give you extra smoothing and firming almost immediately. Wrinkle targeting complex uses hollow hyaluronic acid spheres to produce this immediate antiaging result. Daytime suggestion: Coneflower Eyeline Firmer. Nighttime suggestion: Miraculously Younger Eye Cream.


April 20, 2012

Glutathione - Watermelon’s Secret Ingredient

One of the most important antiaging antioxidents, glutathione, is a powerful amino acid (protein) that is produced in the liver. The amazing nutrient can not only reverse some of the damage caused by tobacco smoke but may also protect the liver from alcohol induced damage. A deficiency of glutathione first affects the nervous system causing certain symptoms such as lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors, and difficulty maintaining balance. As we age, glutathione levels decline; although it’s not known whether this is because we use it up more rapidly or produce less of it, to begin with. Unfortunately, if not corrected, the lack of glutathione exhilarates the aging process.

Researchers have discovered that watermelon contains more glutathione per bite than many other fruits and vegetables. Among fruits, watermelon is the best source of glutathione, with 28 mg per 100 g serving. Other fruits containing this antioxidant are strawberries (12 mg per 100 g), grapefruit (15 mg per 100 g), oranges (11 mg per 100 g) and peaches (7 mg per 100 g).

When it comes to vegetables, asparagus is a particularly rich source. Eating asparagus raw is more beneficial, as cooked asparagus contains much less of the protein. Other vegetables that contain this super-nutrient are acorn squash(14 mg per 100 g), broccoli( 8 mg per 100 g), potato(13 mg per 100 g), tomatoes( 11 mg per 100 g), okra (7 mg per 100 g), zucchini (7 per 100 g), and spinach (5 mg per 100 g).

Avocados (17mg per 100 g), walnuts (15 mg per 100 g), fish, poultry and red meat (all about 10 mg per 100 g) are also on the list!


Foods Rich in Gluthathione


April 19, 2012

What “Suits” You this Spring?

Among the new fashion waves spring brings, separates - such as suit jackets, blazers, fitted pants and pencil skirts – should definitely be on your radar this year.

Blazers - If you don’t already own one, we suggest you invest in a stylish blazer from the trendy options this spring; because this piece has become quite the wardrobe staple. Available in many different cuts, styles and colors, blazers are no longer limited to just the “tailored work suit” form. A blazer with rolled up sleeves is not only extremely sophisticated but also adds an “empowered” touch to your outfit. The cropped blazer is a modern classic. Whether it is tailored or loose-fitting, it has a flattering effect as it shortens the torso and makes your legs look longer. Whether it is a formal, tailored blazer or a casual bright colored one, take your pick depending on the weather, the occasion, your style and your mood.

White Suit Jacket - White suit jackets that are very “in” this season. You can get one custom-made for your curves or sport a slightly loose-fitted one. Because of the classic, neutral color and the timelessness of the piece, a white suit jacket will go with anything and everything. Add it to your closet and you will spice up even the plainest looking pieces.

Vests – Layer a vest over a nice blouse or button-down shirt. This combination will not only be extremely chic and stylish but also quite flattering for the figure. In terms of color options, we suggest dark colors such as black, navy or gray for their extra-slimming quality.

Skirts – With the different design options, skirt suits are also another hit! Choosing the right style can hide flaws and bumps (such as your belly and even your butt), while highlighting the right areas of your figure. While a pencil skirt will accentuate your curves, an A-line cut will mask them. Paired with an elegant button-down shirt or a stylish blazer, skirts will complete your look with a sophisticated, feminine touch.

Pants – “Fit and flared” or “slim fit”, we all know that pants are a must – after all, the right pair guarantees a sleek and slim look! Straight-cut pants that fall to the bottom of your heel are a timeless classic and flatter your figure to a great degree. Dark colors are the most slimming ones but don't let that get in the way of trying neutral shades such as white, cream and beige.


April 18, 2012

Primers Q&A Video




April 17, 2012

Shocking Diet Myths

1.      Myth: Eating eggs raises your cholesterol levels. Truth: Dietary cholesterol found in eggs has little to do with the amount of cholesterol in your body.  In healthy people, research has never shown a link between egg consumption and blood lipids or with risk of heart disease.

2.      Myth: All saturated fats raise blood cholesterol. Truth: New research shows that some saturated fats do not.  Stearic acid, a type of saturated fat found naturally in cocoa, dairy products, meats, and poultry, as well as palm and coconut oils, does not raise harmful LDL cholesterol but boosts good HDL cholesterol levels.

3.      Myth: The only heart-friendly alcohol is red wine. Truth: Beer, wine and liquors all confer the same health benefits.  Any kind of beverage that contains alcohol, when consumed in moderation (and that means one to two drinks a day), helps reduce heart disease risk.

4.      Myth: Adding salt to the pot adds sodium to the food. Truth: Salt added to boiling water may actually make vegetables more nutritious because it reduces leaching of nutrients into the water. The majority of sodium in our diets (about 75 percent) comes from processed foods

5.      Myth: Fried foods are always too fatty. Truth: Healthy deep-fried food is not an oxymoron.  When food is exposed to hot oil, the moisture inside boils and pushes from the interior to the surface and then out into the oil. As moisture leaves, it creates a barrier, minimizing oil absorption into the food.  The little oil that does penetrate the food’s surface forms a crisp, tasty crust. To keep foods from soaking up oil (and calories), fry according to recipe instructions.

6.      Myth: The more fiber you eat, the better. Truth: Not all fibers are equally beneficial, it depends on the source. Foods fortified with fiber do not provide the same benefits as whole foods like legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

7.      Myth: Organic foods are more nutritious than conventional. Truth: No significant nutritional difference exists between conventional and organic crops and livestock. There is, of course, still the issue of trace amounts of pesticides or herbicides.

8.      Myth: Cooking olive oil destroys its health benefits. Truth: Even delicate extra-virgin oils can take the heat without sacrificing nutrition.  Heart-healthy monounsaturated fats aren’t unfavorably altered by heat. They survive a sauté intact.

Adapted from: Julie Upton on The Today Show


April 16, 2012

How You Know a Primer Works

What makes a primer deliver best results is a high concentration of silicone or pigments. These ingredients should be listed in the top five ingredients in the formula packaging. As with any other product, another sure way of knowing results before you buy is recommendation of a good friend or a family member. If you can sample before you purchase, you should pay attention to the following: A good primer diminishes your pores, greatly improves the texture of your skin and makes your make up stay on longer. In the case of a concealing primer, your skin is even toned, clear and flawless.

Cosmetic companies really talk about this but silicone, the main ingredient in most formulas, needs to be applied. You should wait 3-5 minutes before you start applying your makeup. Silicone needs to “dry” or “flash off”  - the cosmetic term for this process – for best results. Apply the primer to clean, moisturized skin and then proceed with your make up routine.

I apply our Invisible Foundation of Youth for Pores all over my aging face because I have enlarged pores and textural irregularities. You can use these formulas just where you need them - on your nose, forehead, cheeks. Pick the spots that need help. I also use Red Neutralizer all over my face after the first primer because I have diffused redness and need to cover up this color in my skin. This seems like a lot of extra work; but it is the most crucial step in achieving a flawless looking face and makes your makeup stay on a lot longer.

Don’t skip this important step in your daily routine. Looking for a primer and don’t know where to start? Try our promotion of the week, Skin Transforming Primers, featuring our two top products in this category, and you will see the difference.


April 13, 2012

Why Do We Need Primers?

As we’ve discussed before, we all dream of the one skincare product that will solve all of the problems of aging skin. But unfortunately, we don’t have the science or technology to yet accomplish this dream. The same is true with makeup. We wear foundation to even out our skin tone and use concealer to cover up our imperfections. There is, however, more to be accomplished than either or both of these formulations can achieve. And that is where primers come in!

Primers are a newer category for evening skin color and texture. Many of them contain large percentages of silicone, which instantly improves the texture and the look of our skin by filling in and smoothing over irregularities. They create an optical illusion to brighten the skin by using light to make it look perfected.

Then, there are other types of primers that are about improving color. Recent research has revealed that the No. 1 skin problem that makes us appear older is skin discoloration – e.g. dark spots, redness and age related pigmentation. Primers for color evening are usually very pigment dense; they have color neutralizing properties to perfect the tone of your skin.

Our ‘star’ products in these categories are Foundation of Youth for Pores and Red Neutralizer; two primers, one for texture improvement and the other for color evening. Both of which are goof-proof to apply and give amazing instant benefits. Give them a try with this week’s promotion Skin Transforming Primers, you will be pleased with the results!


April 12, 2012

Simple Slimming Styles

Tis the season to put away the chunky clothes and many layers, and step out in chic slimming styles that flatter your shape and elongate your body. Here are our top suggestions for simple slimming styles:

Fitted clothes - Avoid wearing baggy clothes larger than your size. Chunky, oversized clothes not only make you seem sloppy but also bigger. Instead, pair a sophisticated blouse or a trendy tunic top with narrow pants. Or combine a fitted, belted top with flowing pants.

Long necklaces – As the weather gets warmer, replace your scarf with a gorgeous necklace. Necklaces not only compliment your sense of style, but slim you down visually – if you choose the right kind, that is!  Wear long necklaces to create a vertical line and they will elongate your overall look.

V-neck tops – Stock up on the season’s hottest, trendiest V-necks because you will be wearing them all throughout the spring and summer. V-necks elongate your look and are flattering for almost every body type.

Small Prints - Prints of every color and design - polka dots, stripes, florals and more – are defining the “Spring 2012 Fashion”. Be careful, though, because larger prints emphasize a larger space and can make you look bigger. Pick out small, intricate prints for an instantly slimmer look.

Platforms and Wedges – We all know that adding a few inches with our shoes make our legs look longer, guaranteeing an instant slimming effect! So invest in some platforms and wedges that raise the whole of your foot instead of just the heel. As both shoe styles come in all shapes, designs and colors this spring, you won’t have a hard time finding pairs that go with any outfit.


April 11, 2012

Skin Transforming Primers Video



April 10, 2012

Top 7 Processed Foods to Avoid

  1. Light Yogurt - many are full of artificial sweeteners and have two thirds less protein than Greek yogurt.  Though it tends to have more calories, Greek yogurt is the better option because it is more natural and more filling.
  2. Packaged Cheese Slices – are made from cheese and a long list of other ingredients including, salt, food coloring, other milk ingredients, and chemical additives.  Stick to the real thing, not only does it taste better but it is better for you.
  3. Bottled Salad Dressing – many are made with chemicals, additives and corn syrup.  Do not ruin a perfectly fresh salad with all these unnecessary ingredients, instead mix a little olive oil, vinegar and some fresh herbs.
  4. Sweet Drinks – not only can these drinks be high in sugar, but if you opt for diet, artificially sweetened drinks can make you crave more sugar later.
  5. High-Protein Cereals – are often fortified with soy protein isolate, which is highly processed soy that is low in nutrients.  If you eat your cereal with milk or yogurt, that is enough protein with breakfast.
  6. Coffee Creamers – often contain artificial chemicals and hidden trans fats.  If you like your coffee creamy, go for a nonfat latte or a soy latte if you are lactose intolerant.
  7. Processed Meats – are often high in sodium and have nitrates, preservatives that are considered carcinogenic.


Sources: Glamour Magazine (April 2012), Natural-health-restored.com


April 9, 2012

Why Do Pores Get Larger As We Age?

Every woman I know thinks they have large pores. It is normal to have larger pores on your nose, on your chin and sometimes in the middle of your forehead. Pores get larger to accommodate oil. The amount of oil that comes out of your pores is determined genetically. In other words, you inherit pore size.  Normal skin has larger pores down the center section of the face and smaller pores around the sides.

As we age and our hormones change, oil production changes as well. Our skin starts producing less oil, leading to drier skin. But if we have less oil, why are our pores getting larger as we get older? The answer has to do with the loss of elasticity in the skin. This loss of firmness, and sagging pulls the skin down, stretching the pores open. Even women who never had large pores can start to see enlarged pores especially on the sides of their faces, near where smile lines form. So now we have drier skin and enlarged pores.

So what should be done about this problem? There are 2 steps to improve this condition. First of all, you need a super moisturizer that has skin firming properties. I love Promises Delivered CreamSerum. Use it twice a day and if you are extremely dry, layer Awaken Even Younger Night Cream over it. To tighten up the look of these open pores, use Line Lifting Therapy Treatment Mask once a week.

Is there a salon treatment that will help solve this problem? Yes, a series of microcurrent treatments will stimulate the muscles and give a lifted, firmer look to your whole face.


April 6, 2012

Everything You Want to Know About Your Aging Neck

One of the great things about having a skincare salon is that I get to interface with our customers.  We get to listen to their problems and help them address their concerns. The following questions are ones I get repeatedly about how to help an aging neck.

Question – Why does my neck look older than my face?

Answer – There are lots of reasons. The most logical one is that you have not taken care of your neck in the same way as you have taken care of your face. In addition, the skin on your neck is more vulnerable than your face. It is thinner, it has fewer oil glands and it has gravity pulling down on it. You may have inherited a tendency towards a sagging neck because of the way you move the muscles as well. And this is just from not picking the right parents.

Question – How can I start improving the skin on my neck?

Answer - Start using a neck cream that will address the problems we have described above. Your cream should be applied every morning and evening on clean skin. You may also want to consider sleeping on a flat pillow so that your neck is not affected during your sleep. Good posture will also improve the look of your neck and the way that it ages.

Question – I want to do everything I can to improve my neck. What should I do?

Answer – Your at-home regimen can be more thorough than just using a neck cream. Consider using a serum specifically for the neck. Apply under the neck cream day and night to boost the effects of the cream and improve the appearance of this area.  You should also think about  a product to gently exfoliate your neck. My personal favorite is exfoliating pads. I would advise that you exfoliate 2-3 times a week while you apply your serum and cream together twice a day. Expect to see results in 2-3 months.

Question – Is there a salon treatment that will help improve the look of my aging neck?

Answer – I love microcurrent. Microcurrent is a stimulation of the muscles that support the skin on the neck, giving it a firmer, more lifted look. Multiple treatments are needed, and then a monthly maintenance treatment will continue the improved effect. This is not a substitute for surgery. It is simply a way to push back the clock and improve the look of an aging neck.


April 5, 2012

Blooming Spring Prints

Those of you feeling the magic of spring inside and out will be glad to know that the season’s fashion is right there with you – bolder, brighter and livelier than ever with all its gorgeous vivid colors, beautiful patterns and heavenly prints. Decorating clothes, accessories, and even shoes, the spring prints come in such a variety of design and color that there is one for everyone’s taste and personal style - whether you are a fan of the vibrant hues or earthy spice colors.

So celebrate the fun spirit of the happiest season: Inject a burst of color into your outfit and balance the neutral and one color pieces you are sporting with these fun prints. 

  • Floral Prints
  • Graphic prints
  • Tropical Prints
  • Checks and Dots
  • Stripes

Look for shirts, blouses, lightweight sweaters with these designs.  Pairing tops with gorgeous eye-catching patterns, and neutral, toned down bottom pieces will create a beautiful balance in your outfit. Wear a floral blouse with a soft neutral colored skirt. Layer a striped sweater over a one color dress or blouse. Wear a chic button up shirt with polka dots with black fitted pants. With the available print and pattern choices, the combinations are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Don’t always want these designs on your clothes? Try them on your bag, shoes and belts to keep your look classic and simple yet still have a dash of magic here and there.

The spring prints in bloom will take your outfit from plain to interesting, fresh and stylish with little effort, for a bold yet chic look.



April 4, 2012

Video Visit with Diane Ageless Beauty Video



April 3, 2012

5 Numbers that can Save Your Life

These five numbers can provide critical medical insight for you to be aware of any health concerns and begin taking charge of your own health:

1. Blood Pressure: Over 50 million American adults have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. High blood pressure can cause a number of other medical problems including cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and stroke.

  • Blood pressure can be tested at your doctor’s office or a pharmacy.
  • Pay attention to the top number, which is the systolic pressure.  A reading over 140 is considered too high.

2. Waist Size: Large waistlines can nearly double your risk of dying prematurely. Stomach fat sends out a toxic stream of chemicals impacting the whole body.

  • A waist size over 35 inches in women and over 40 inches in men greatly increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and more.
  • The ideal waist size for women is 32 ½ inches and 35 inches for men.

3. Body Weight: is one of the easiest numbers to calculate and is an excellent indicator of overall health. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 out of 3 Americans are considered obese.

  • The average American woman is approximately 5’4” tall. The cut off point for obesity at this height is 175 pounds. The average American man is about 5’9” tall and should weigh less than 196.
  • If you are taller (or shorter) than average, you can add 5 (or subtract) pounds per inch.

4. Cholesterol: High cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

  • See your doctor regularly for a blood test.
  • Your HDL, or healthy cholesterol, should be 50 or better.  Your LDL, or unhealthy cholesterol, should be under 100. If your numbers do not fall in this range, discuss strategies for lowering your LDL and increasing your HDL with a health care professional.

5. Fasting Blood Sugar measures your risk for diabetes.

  • Fasting blood sugar is measured after an 8-hour fast, as ingesting food can raise blood sugar.  Fasting blood sugar can be tested with a simple blood test.
  • Fasting blood sugar above 100 is considered pre-diabetic and should be discussed with a physician.


Source: abridged from Dr. OZ


April 2, 2012

Why Should You Use 2 Products on the Same Area?

Formulating cosmetic products is still evolving. Cosmetic chemists are working long and hard to incorporate all the new technology into skincare formulas to create maximum results for consumers. Best results from these products are seen when active ingredients are included at their clinical percentages  or at percentages that have shown substantial improvement. Here is the problem: A formula can only contain a 100% of the ingredients so we can’t always get the known active ingredients into one formula for an area.

Let me give you an example of how this works. The skin on the neck has very special requirements. To improve aging neck skin, we want to firm it, decrease the look of lines and wrinkles, improve texture, decrease crepiness, provide intense hydration, and exfoliate. WOW! This is a lot for one formula to accomplish.  So we need two formulas to achieve maximum results for this area. Layer one over the other, remembering that the lightest texture goes first.  If these two formulas have the same texture and thickness,  it doesn’t matter which goes first.

My dream – and I’m sure yours also – is to have one product that could be used everywhere ; on the face and body, producing the exciting anti-aging benefits that we all want and need. We just don’t know how to do it yet. When that day comes, we will be the first to do it and you will know about it.

Until that day, we suggest you try using products that complement each other and work really well as a team such as our Promises Delivered Neck CreamSerum and Promises Delivered Neck Firming Exfoliator.

Click here for this week’s Ageless Beauty Promotion which features both of these products on sale.

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