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February 29, 2012


Sagging Solutions & Heeling Soles


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February 28, 2012


Soul Food

This term typically applies to comfort foods popular in the American South, including macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, collard greens, and fried okra, to name a few. Soul food, is a meal that when enjoyed feeds your soul, not just your stomach.

Anyone from the South or who has lived in the South for a period of time can tell you their favorite spot for fall-off-the-bone ribs or fried chicken and waffles, whether it is Gladys Knights in Atlanta or Sylvia’s in Harlem.

Every ethnic group has what it considers "soul food," comfort food that brings back fond memories of family dinners, where the main ingredient is LOVE. A quick office survey tells us that soul food really depends on where you are from. For one Southern breed staffer it is sweet potato pie, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese; for our Southern educated staff member the specific food item is not as important as it being cooked at home; while for another, who hails from New England, visions of fried turkey with all the fixins’ on Thanksgiving come flooding back.

Be sure to make healthy choices when enjoying this amazing cuisine, watch for items high in trans fat and salt, opt for broiled or baked versions and low salt options whenever possible. Well spiced menu items will make up for the lack of fat and salt when well prepared.

Soul food is making its debut in the world of haute cuisine, so be sure to keep a lookout for new restaurants and menu items popping up in your area. For authentic Southern Soul Food recipes visit the Modern Comfort Food section of Bon Appétit.com.

Sources: Bon Appétit.com


February 27, 2012

Aging Skin Healers

There are many theories about how to best treat aging skin. Certain theories focus on understanding how wounded skin heals. Such wound healing theories treat aging skin as “damaged skin”, and are based on ancient folk history when native people used certain botanicals to repair their skin.

-         Coneflower - The flower of the Echinacea plant was used by Native Americans on their wounds. It was so potent that they called it the “snakebite plant”.

-         Centella Asiatica  -  Native to Asia, this plant is also called “tiger grass” because wounded tigers would roll in it to heal.

-          Ahnfeltia Concinna - A marine botanical that has been harvested by native people to put on open wounds.

-          Aloe Barbandensis Leaf -  Also used by Native Americans, the sap of this plant is put on all kinds of open wounds and burns for its healing properties.

Our promotion this week consists of Coneflower Neckline &Decollete Crepey Bodyskin Firmer (8oz) and our Intensive Heeling Dry Foot Formula Cream -  both of which contain the amazing and potent botanicals mentioned above. They work.


February 24, 2012

Beauty Accidents

We know from scientific research in many different fields that there is a widely held belief that most great scientific discoveries come from accidents.  I have observed this same phenomenon in using beauty products in different ways.  I recently shared with you how after a long airline trip my extremely dry skin just needed more then my daily moisturizer.  I layered a second cream, a night cream, over Promises Delivered.  I was shocked at how plump, moist and smooth I looked after this accident.

I have to constantly experiment to develop new products and as a result I use my existing formulas in crazy ways.  One of my favorites is to take our Dry Parts Moisture Mask and put it on my dry hair as a treatment before shampooing.  Wow, my aging hair is transformed to the 25 year old locks I use to have.  

One of my great luxuries for many years is putting the Coneflower Neckline firmed on as my body cream.  What a pleasure to put this sumptuous feeling formula onto my dry arms and legs.  You can only imagine how beautiful my aging body skin became.  

I am sure you love to experiment with your skincare formulas as well.  A few tips…be careful that the formulas that you have used have been tested for skin sensitivity.  If you are not sure about this, patch test in the crook of your arm, putting the formula on and a band-aid over it, and leaving it for 24 hours.  When you remove the band-aid if there is any redness, irritation, itching or any signs of problem do not use this formula for any other area then the one recommended in the instructions. 

I would love to hear about your beauty experiments.  Email me at info@dianeyoung.com.

Have fun with your experiments!  


February 23, 2012


1)      Clothes that are too tight or too big

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too baggy. Not only are they uncomfortable but they are also quite unflattering for your figure. Wearing baggy clothes in the hopes of looking thinner can make one look untidy, careless and even older. Similarly, too tight clothing can make one look bigger and chunkier. Choose fashionable and classy clothes that fit your style and figure just right for an enhanced look that you will pull off with confidence

2)      Wrinkled Clothes

It’s important to iron your clothes, and fold and hang them neatly. Wearing wrinkled or crumpled clothing makes you look careless, untidy and not presentable. It also shows a lack of sense for style. In the workplace, wrinkled clothes may show you to be highly unprofessional and not serious.

3)      Stylish Uncomfortable Shoes

Stylish yet uncomfortable shoes are not only extremely painful but they are also very bad for your feet, body, posture. Wearing shoes according to your dress, occasion and most importantly shoes that are comfortable can enhance your style and confidence.

4)      Matching from Head to Toe

Pink dress, pink jacket, pink scarf, pink bag and glasses. Clothes and accessories matching from head to toe are too much. It shows a poor choice and understanding of fashion and style. If you are trying to add matching colors to your outfit, try to be more subtle by using accessories of complimentary shades.

5)      Too Many Colors

Too many colors in an outfit is not appealing to the eye, and may be overwhelming to look at. Too many prints, colors, designs, styles can lead to a visual confusion as well as a disastrous outfit. Keep things simple yet classy and chic. Try to stick to 3-4 colors maximum in one outfit to give the eyes a pleasant sight.

6)      Over Accessorizing

Loading too many accessories on, or mixing in a lot of jewelry of different kinds are a fashion no-no. Avoid wearing gold earrings with a silver necklace, for example. Or wearing chunky jewelry with a headband, a scarf and a belt altogether. The overflow of chains, rings and accessories can easily steal the attention. In fact, they can overshadow positive things, such as your beautiful dress or your glowing face.

7)      Revealing Clothing That Shows Too Much Cleavage or Leg

Too much cleavage or too much leg may simply be just “too much”, period. There are better ways to look sexy yet classy without showing anything. Wear a flattering bootcut pant or a pencil skirt with a button down silk blouse. You’ll still turn heads, but in a positive way.


February 22, 2012




February 21, 2012

Protect Your Smile as You Age

Without knowing it we associate a dull smile with being older, as tooth enamel tends to wear with age. Protect your smile from aging prematurely with the following healthy habits.

Avoid Teeth-Staining Offenders: such as drinking coffee, red wine, soda and especially smoking, which can all dull the whiteness of teeth. Not only does smoking stain your teeth, it ages the skin prematurely and causes wrinkles around the mouth.

Use a Straw: while giving up coffee or soda may not seem do-able for everyone, try sipping through a straw to limit contact with teeth and help preserve enamel.

Boost Calcium Consumption: it makes for strong bones and a healthy grin.

Maintain Good Oral Care Routines: Brush twice daily with tooth paste that contains fluoride, floss daily, rinse with mouth wash to relieve germs and bad breath, and whiten when your pearly whites start to lose their luster.

Drink More Tea: the antioxidants in green and black tea help fight plaque, prevent gum disease and reduce bad breath causing germs.

Don’t Forget to Smile! You will always look younger and more energetic with a smile on your face.

Sources: Prevention.com, Health Magazine


February 20, 2012

Instantly Younger with Specialized Technologies

It is really challenging to make aging skin look immediately younger.  We experimented with several of these new technologies and have found two of them that deliver the best results.  What are they?

Silicate Film Firmers…instantly watch your wrinkles smooth away!  The downside to this method is that the film is not flexible and the instructions must be followed perfectly. 

  • UnWrinkle uses this complex and is a runaway success.

Hollow Filling Spheres…plump up aging, sagging and wrinkled faces from inside the skin.  We have three formulas using Wrinkle Targeting Complex with this method.  They are:

Results take up to one hour to fully develop.  Tighter, firmer and smoother benefits are amazing.  Try all of these together and see what happens!


February 17, 2012

How to Layer Skincare Products

There is great value in layering several skincare formulas on your aging face. The reason for doing this is that we don’t have the technology to put all of these different types of formulas into one jar. The best results will come from layering them in the right order.

This concept is based on how formulas are absorbed into the skin. The lightest textured products go first and heavier formulas are layered over them.

After cleansing and using treatment products (exfoliators, masks etc), layer in the following order.

1)      Liquids…Toners, fresheners, serums or prescription formulas

2)      Gels… Eye formulas, moisturizers, serums

3)      Lotions… Thin creams that are pumped out of their packaging.

4)      Creams… Most skin care formulas come in this form.

5)      Balms…Usually for lips or around eyes.

Other Things to Remember

  • Moisturizers and eye products can come in different forms and thicknesses; they can be gels, lotions or creams.
  • If two products are the same form, it doesn’t matter which goes first, such as a cream moisturizer and an eye cream.
  • Serums can be in any form; liquids, gels, lotions or creams.


February 16, 2012



Too frequent visits to the hair salon for a dye job or a blow-dry, and using too much hair styling products too often – such as hairspray and gel –can leave your strands dull, weak and lifeless looking. Add the current cold, dry weather and an unbalanced diet to the mix, and you’ve stripped your hair of its natural shine, moisture, protein levels.  And its ability to recover, unfortunately, slows down and decreases as we age.

So what are the secrets to healthy, shiny, gorgeous looking hair? How do we moisturize and take care of our hair in the best way? Here are some tips that every woman should take to heart:

  • Avoid washing your hair daily. Shampoo twice or three times a week to let your hair “breathe” and retain its necessary moisture. The more frequent you wash it, the more dull and dry your hair will become. And it is harder for your hair to recover the more you age.
  • Water is essential for hair to maintain its elasticity, or ability to stretch. Since water is the ultimate moisturizer, water-based products are best for the greatest moisture benefit.
  • After shampooing, use a conditioner with moisturizing properties and other specific moisturizer sprays or creams. Such moisturizing products contain large amounts of protein which is essential for shiny, healthy strands.
  • Use jojoba oil for regaining the shine and brightness of your hair, as its molecular structure is very similar to your natural hair moisturizer. Use this oil as an overnight as well as a daily treatment for the hair.
  • There are other efficient natural oils that provide nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins vital for your hair and scalp: Argan, olive, ylang-ylang, almond, avocado, rosemary essential oil, wheat germ oil, shea oil and herbal oils. Mix one of these oils with honey and then apply it as a mask for the hair.
  • Apply tomato juice or tomato paste as mask to your hair every once in a while. These will enhance the natural PH of the hair due to the vitamin C content.
  • Especially during the summer, avoid over-exposure to the sun and heat without protecting the hair.
  • In addition to consuming protein packed food (meat, eggs, yogurt, milk, beans etc.), bananas, coffee and chamomile tea will also help your hair shine the natural way.


February 15, 2012


Wrinkle Firming Finish Formulas Video




February 14, 2012


Calcium Boosters

Calcium, as we know, is very important for healthy bones and teeth.  Here are some tips to help your body absorb this essential nutrient:

  • Vitamin D boosts calcium absorption.  Vitamin D can be found in fortified dairy products, mushrooms, and sun light.
  • Magnesium increases calcium absorption.  Most nuts, especially pistachios, are high in magnesium.
  • Foods with Vitamin C, such as orange juice, strawberries and broccoli, help your body better absorb the calcium it takes in.
  • Bananas help your body to absorb calcium and other nutrients, such as magnesium, that promote healthy bones.
  • Reduce the amount of sodium in your diet.  When your liver processes salt it pulls calcium from bones and teeth.
  • Avoid calcium inhibitors such as chocolate, coffee and other caffeinated beverages, alcohol, sugar and any other sweetener (honey, agave, etc.).
  • Avoid eating high-fiber foods with calcium-rich foods because fiber can hinder your body's ability to effectively absorb calcium. For example, eating grilled cheese on fiber dense whole wheat bread will decrease the amount of calcium your body is able to absorb.
  • Exercise regularly to reduce calcium loss and increase bone mass


Dairy foods generally contain the most concentrated amounts of calcium, but there are many other good sources of calcium, including rice milk, soy milk, beans, soybeans, tofu, salmon, orange juice, broccoli, rhubarb, kale, and calcium fortified cereal


Sources: Health Magazine, Livestrong.com, EMedicineHealth.com

February 13, 2012


E.M.S. to the Rescue!

Exfoliate - Moisturize – Serum


As we age, exfoliation becomes more important. Dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface do not shed as efficiently as they did when we were younger. This accumulation makes your skin look rough, dry, tired and older. It is my preference that this process be done with exfoliating pads or with fruit acids or enzymes that are part of formulas. Mature skin should not be using grains or mechanical forms of exfoliation because this skin is more fragile.


Now, moisturization is really crucial. Not only to protect your more delicate aging skin but also to fully hydrate, plump up and smooth out faux wrinkles. Most people need to use multiple layering formulas to achieve maximum protection and hydration. Consider layering two different moisturizing formulas. I love applying Promises Delivered CreamSerum and then layering our Awaken Even Younger Night Cream for an amazing surge of hydration that lasts throughout the day and fills in every little faux wrinkle.


Serums are potent formulas with active ingredients. They are high powered and absorbed quickly by the skin. They get the job done because each ingredient has a specific task to improve aging skin. They are the secret boosters that will take your skin to the next level. They can be moisturizing, exfoliating, firming, or designed to specifically diffuse wrinkles. Use them under your moisturizers day and night to see the difference.


I have always loved this expression: Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Well, behind every beautiful mature skin, there are these three formulas.


February 10, 2012

Hide & Conceal Tricks

Concealing can be one of your best anti-aging secrets! With the right product and professional tools you can whisk away most signs of aging. You need three concealers and various professional applicators.


Red neutralizer No. 2 (or Red Neutralizer Original Formula while supplies last)

This formula applied with your fingers or with a sponge applicator will cover and neutralize red spots or all over redness on your face. It is fabulous.


Wrinkle Treatment Concealer

Wrinkles look like dark marks on our face. By putting “light” in the depth of the wrinkle, we make them look softer. This formula comes with its own brush applicator. Pat with the tip of your finger to blend. You’ll be amazed.


C-Circles Vanish

Darkness around your eyes is not only under the eye but also on your upper eyelid. Apply this product with our concealer brush. Putting extra product close to the inside of your eye (next to your nose) will give more coverage and open up your eye. The texture of this product is awesome.


Concealer Pencil (Duo or Single)

For aging lips, use a concealer pencil. Follow the edge of the upper lip to prevent lipstick bleeding. “Lift” the corners of the lower lip by going inside the lip line to make the lower lip smile even when the mouth is in repose. Pat to blend and then apply lip liner and lipstick. The concealer around your lips will de-age your whole lower face.


Perfecting these concealing techniques will instantly make you look younger.


February 9, 2012


Every beautiful woman has a trouble body part but the trick is to know how to camouflage these parts. If you are carrying some extra pounds in the middle, hiding the bulge can be tricky but luckily, fashion is on your side! Hide that stomach with the help of cute tops and dresses, chic accessories, sophisticated style. Instead of turning to oversized clothing to cover it up, try these fashion picks below for the best tummy-hiding results!

Wrap Dresses

Available in many beautiful colors and elegant styles, wrap dresses are comfortable, easy to wear and the ultimate go-to item to hide the stomach. Because of their design, you can flaunt your style (and your gorgeous dress) without having to suck that stomach in! Pick up a flattering design from Diane von Furstenberg or another brand of your choice.


Flowing lightweight tunics are a very flattering item for every woman. They are feminine and they accentuate just the right parts, drawing attention to the curves while hiding the stomach bulge. You can pair them up with pants AND pencil skirts. Whatever you choose to wear it with, tunics will help you look slimmer and trimmer.

Fitted Blazers

For the office or for formal events, throw on a fitted blazer and you will be surprised at what it does for your figure! Go for styles with nips at the waist. We suggest blazers made of softer fabrics with a little bit of a stretch to spotlight your curves and hide your tummy.

Rouched Blouses

A blouse that has rouching will work like a charm when trying to disguise trouble body parts, especially around the stomach area. This style is perfect at creating the illusion of a thinner middle because the extra draping hides any extra bulges.

Empire Waist Blouses and Dresses

A blouse or a dress with an empire waist is another fashion item perfect for concealing the extra midsection weight. Because the empire waist is fitted right under your bust, it drapes down nicely without clinging your body.


February 8, 2012



February 7, 2012


Hide from a Cold

Inconsistent temperatures this winter season have resulted in cold and flu like viruses spreading throughout offices, schools, and exercise facilities.  Avoid coming down with a life interrupting virus by following these simple steps:

  • Staying inside your nice toasty home or apartment might seem like the best way to avoid a cold, but being cooped up keeps you in close contact to other people and their germs.  Get outside for some fresh air to avoid all those germs and boost immunity.
  • Stress increases susceptibility to catching a cold.  Relax, make sure you get enough sleep and eat right, and do not cheat yourself out of time to exercise.
  • Wash your hands! Viruses can survive on tables and doorknobs for up to eight hours.
  • Get some sleep! Continuous lack of sleep can hurt immunity and also increase risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.  Anything less than 7 hours of sleep a night nearly triples your risk of catching a cold.


Source: Health Magazine


February 6, 2012

What is Diffused Redness?

Diffused redness comes from several different conditions.  Most commonly, it is the result of rosacea, a medical disorder that needs to be attended by a dermatologist.  Sun damage, laser treatments, exfoliants and chemical peels, can also contribute to this condition.  So what can we do?  To my knowledge there is no cure for any of these conditions and the best solution is to learn how to camouflage them and adjust your life style for prevention.

There are many different ways to conceal redness.  What we need to do is use the least amount of product possible to get the best coverage.  After many years of studying this, I came to understand that using khaki colored pigments that contain yellow, green, and blue shades will neutralize red coloring in the skin using less product.  This concept of neutralizing a color and covering it was a new concept when we began doing so more than 20 years ago.  Red Neutralizer #2, our formula for covering these various reddish conditions, is so unique that I am after all this time still amazed by the results it delivers.  I am very fair and have diffused redness from sun damage I acquired growing up inSouth Texasas a child.  I am extremely fair and every morning when I put this khaki colored concealer on my face I am astounded by how this product darker then my skin color produces an even toned skin.

For more than 20 years, I would help out doing make-ups in our salon.  I rarely saw a face that could not use this product.  Everyone needed it around their eyes.  Both under the eye where the darkness has a purplish tone and on the eye lid where the skin is especially thin and reddish.   This one shade works for all skin colors from medium-dark to the fairest porcelain tones.  It diffuses the redness and blends to match your skin shade.  This cult following product is in such demand that we scurry to keep up our supplies.  Use it on clean, moisturized skin before applying foundation.

Join the cult!

February 3, 2012

Diane’s Makeup Secrets

When people talk about makeup, they think about putting blush, lipstick and color on their face. But for aging faces, it is correcting with concealers and primers that really make your skin look younger. My best tips are the following:

Dark Circles:

Use two shades of Extreme Dark Circles Hibiscus Concealer.

  • Apply Peach from upper eye lid from lash to brow line and Khaki underneath.

Perfect Skin Instantly:

Apply 3 layers.

  • Invisible Foundation of Youth For Pores for texture.
  • Red Neutralizer No 2 to even out skin tones.
  • Foundation of Youth to bring back youthful color and glow.

Younger Brows:

For younger brows, use two colors.

  • Brow Lift in Smoke at the beginning fuller part of the brow blending to the arch.
  • Then, use Blonde at the outer edge and “tail”.

Upper Lip Lines:

  • Paint Un-Wrinkle into the vertical lines above the lips.
  • Use Feather Proof Lip Duo’s wax end over entire upper lip.

Sagging Cheeks:

  • Apply Young Glow! Pearlized Underbase at the top edge of your blush to create a lift.

Smile Lines:

  • Paint a thin line in the bottom of smile lines using Wrinkle Treatment Concealer Pen.

Drooping Lip Corners:

Corners of lips fall as we age.

  • Lift them up by “painting away” the drooping edge with a thin line of C-Circles Vanish going in an upward motion in the lower corners.
  • Follow this new “boundary” of your lower lip corner with your lip pencil and lipstick.


February 2, 2012

The Right Neckline Will Flatter You In Every Way

We all know that it is the little details that count when it comes to putting together a fashionable and a flattering outfit. These “little details” often brings to mind accessories of all sorts – jewelry, scarves, shoes, purses etc. The one detail that’s often overlooked? Necklines. Have you ever considered the importance of your clothes’ neckline in creating a stylish and flattering look? Choosing clothes with the right neckline can make a world’s difference because they will flatter your face, your neck, and your chest. They also draw attention to the positive aspects of your body while taking attention away from the negative. We have listed several options for you below:

  • Turtlenecks the safest stylish choice for almost every woman – flattering for many faces shapes and body types. Because the turtleneck covers the neck, it especially balances and flatters figures with long torsos, making the body seem more proportional. Those with long necks and long faces also benefit greatly from this neckline. Furthermore, the turtleneck is a great choice when it comes to chic and classy fashion. Flattering for all ages and appropriate for any type of event no matter how formal or casual, you will not go wrong with the endless choices of beautiful turtleneck tops out there.
  • V-neck is one of the most common and useful neckline cuts.  Flattering for a wide range of face shapes, you will especially benefit from this neckline if you have a round or an oval shaped face. As V-necks come in a range of cuts, you can choose them according to your body shape as well. If you have broad shoulders, go for V-neck with smaller cuts to balance them with the rest of your body. If you have small and narrow shoulders, pick wider V-necks to appear more proportional. Also, keep in mind: Too deep and low V-necks can appear too youthful and even unflattering on mature women when not chosen correctly.
  • The crewneck is a high and rounded neckline that rests on the collarbone. The cut is flattering for multiple reasons, as it balances out narrow necks, faces, shoulders and small chests. It is a great choice for most women and perfect for all ages! Pear-shaped figures especially benefit from this cut, as it balances out your upper and lower body. However, do be careful with this neckline if you have a lot of curves as it can make emphasize and make them appear bigger than they are.
  • One of the most challenging necklines to wear, the empire neck is flattering for a very limited number of people. However, those who pull it off will look great. The empire neckline is the squarish shaped neckline that stops at a horizontal line on the chest area. While it allows the décolleté to be seen, it still is elegant and classy at the same time because the horizontal line that does not come off as too daring.  The empire neckline, however, will work mainly with women who have round faces, prominent chests, and shorter necks. 
  • Scoop neck is the U shaped neckline and is the perfect choice for fuller figures. It makes the body and face appear slimmer, and is perfect for wide faced women.

In short, choosing the right neckline is crucial! The cuts that flatter your shape can help you appear taller, slimmer and more stylish. However, be careful with lower necklines, as there’s the risk of going too low and looking inappropriate.


February 1, 2012





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