January 2012

January 31, 2012

Truth About Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes have grown in popularity as people look for ways to avoid the insulin response caused by sugar and decrease caloric intake without giving up flavor.  Artificial sweeteners though are not without risk.

  • Aspartame is a major ingredient in NutraSweet and Equal. Studies have shown Aspartame produces toxins that can harm brain functions. Aspartame has no nutrients, which causes cravings resulting in weight gain, and it also blocks the production of serotonin, interfering with pleasure and leading to depression.
  • Sucralose is found in Splenda.  This chemical substance contains chlorine and because it contains no nutrients starves cells, resulting in increased appetite and inevitably weight gain. Studies have shown that not only does sucralose cause shrunken thymus glands and enlarged liver and kidneys in rodents, it is a mild mutagen, which can result in slow growth cancer in humans.
  • Saccharin, found in Sweet and Low, is a natural sugar from a plant imported fromChina. Previously studies had shown that saccharin caused cancer, although more recently the FDA has disputed this fact.  However, not everyone enjoys the flavor of Sweet and Low.
  • Stevia is a natural sugar substitute, not a chemical.  The herb, used for more than 400 years inSouth America, has never been shown to produce adverse effects.  Recent research suggests that Stevia helps prevent high blood pressure, improves urine output, and regulates the digestive tract.  Stevia does not trigger an insulin response like other sugars and sugar substitute, and therefore does not cause cravings later.  Stevia has grown in popularity and many companies now use Stevia in their labeling.  Some companies mix stevia with other harmful sweeteners, such as sucralose.  Be sure to read the ingredients when choosing a stevia product at your local grocer.


Source: Dr. Roni,Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat


January 30, 2012


Diane’s Makeup Favorites

Previously, we have talked about the skincare products that I use daily. Today we are going to focus on my makeup favorites. Actually, they are more about preparing the skin than they are about color. For aging faces, these extra steps BEFORE makeup are the secrets to perfected skin and long lasting color.

Here is what I do:

  • Red Neutralizer… This is the one formula I would take on a deserted island. I apply a thin layer all over my face and around my eyes. It fills in my open pores and sweeps away all traces of redness, pinkness and darkness around my eyes and on my face. My skin looks amazing. I can’t go one day without it.
  • Beyond the Balm…My beautiful, full lips of youth have lost their volume. They are quite dry and wrinkled. This formula with wrinkle targeting complex plumps them up beyond my 25 year old look. Protective moisturizers keep them full and luscious.
  • Invisible Foundation of Youth For Pores… Can you believe our pores enlarge as we age? As we get older, the sagging of the skin stretches them open. This product makes our pores look invisible. I put it all over my face, neck and hands. It needs about 5 minutes to fully develop before adding makeup.
  • Brow & Lash Serum.My fading brows are also sprouting wayward grey hairs. I use this serum to slightly darken my brows and lashes, as well as thicken, control and condition them. Let it dry for a few minutes before applying color.
  • Foundation of Youth Medium.Applied over Red Neutralizer and Invisible Foundation of Youth for Pores, I bring color back to my fading face. I am very pale but I use the medium shade to take me back to my youthful color. Not only do I have the color of youth but this formula brings an instant inner glow to my pale and aging face. It makes me happy to apply it and see the change.


I know that by looking at all the extra steps, you might be thinking “she must get up in the middle of the night to apply her makeup”. Actually, it only takes me 7 minutes to do my entire makeup regimen. Because I take this extra time with these skin primers, my make up lasts and is perfect throughout the day and into the evening. I only reapply my lipstick after eating.

Test these primers and you will be pleased to see a noticeable change in how smooth your makeup looks, just like I did. The results are definitely worth the few extra few steps!


January 27, 2012

Diane's Favorite Formulas

I am constantly testing new formulas.  I am constantly testing existing formulas applied in different ways.  I am fanatical about finding the best technologies to help aging skin look younger.  With all that said, in my daily regimen, I use the same 7 products as regularly as I brush my teeth.

I am continually asked, and so is my staff, “What does Diane use as her skincare regimen?”  I cannot live without the following 7 products:

  • Age Lift Cleansing Milk… Have you ever heard of a clinically proven cleanser? So moisturizing it gives you a treatment while you clean your face.
  • Miraculously Younger Serum… Put it under any cream you use.  It does everything: firm, tighten, smooth, brighten, reduce your pores, and give your skin a glow.  I put it all over my body.
  • Promises Delivered Neck Cream Serum… I have used it for 2 years now and it has completely changed the surface of my skin.  My skin is brighter, smoother, tighter, and my pores are smaller.  Why am I surprised?  It is proven to do all of this.
  • Awaken Even Younger….I am obsessed with this “banana butter.”  Not only do I put it on at night, I put it over Promises Delivered in the day time too. I am taking my skin to another level.
  • Miraculously Younger Eye Cream… Have you ever heard of an exfoliating eye cream?  Removes dead skin cells under the eyes and on the upper eye lid as well, so that its other ingredients can penetrate, smooth, and firm this delicate area.
  • Coneflower Neckline & Décolleté Crepey Bodyskin Firmer…. Most of our clients use this as a super saving way to care for their neck.  I use this all over my body, including my back.  It is awesome. 
  • Intensive Heeling Dry Foot Formula… The first winter I lived in NY my heels cracked and bleed.  I searched for years for help.  Finally, I found a cream that worked.  We took the existing formula and improved on it.

If you haven’t tried any of these miracle workers now is the time to do it. If you try them you will become part of the cult too!


January 26, 2012


With a color and tone for every personality, occasion and mood, it’s no wonder elegant nail polish tones are a timeless beauty trend.  Of course, keeping the nails neatly and perfectly polished always requires extra attention and care, after all nobody wants to walk around with chipped nails! Luckily, with the gorgeous color suggestions we are bringing you, polishing your nails will be an exciting activity you will keep repeating this season!

Cranberry, eggplant and plum tones are fabulous for the winter season. Not only are they lively and festive, but they contrast perfectly with the gray days of the season lately, bringing color into your life. Go for creamier shades if you are aiming for chic and sophisticated. For special occasions, do not be afraid to try out subtle sparkly shades.

OPI Pepe's Purple Passion Nail Lacquer, $8.50, available at OPI.
CND Plum Truffle Collection (set of two polishes), $20, available at CND.
Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad, $16, available at Deborah Lippmann.


Everyone knows that classic red tones scream elegance, boldness and femininity. With the great variety of shades from light, bright red to dark and daring maroon, your hands and shiny nails will be the attention grabber.

Suggestions: MAC Get Noticed Nail Lacquer, $15, available at MAC.
Nicole By OPI Orna-Ment For Each other, $10.99, available at Target.
Dior Merveille Vernis, $22, available at Dior.


Contrary to the popular belief that “grey is boring”, certain shades of grey prove that statement wrong. The secret is all about knowing what to pick from the variety of grey and grayish tones, including grayish pink, grayish lilac, ceramic and cement.

Suggestions: Sally Hansen Dorien Grey Complete Salon Manicure, $7.99, available at Ulta.
Essie Cocktail Bling Nail Polish, $8, available at Essie.
Nails Inc. Porchester Square Crystal Colour, $19.50, available at Sephora.


The earthy brown tones and chocolate shades are another alternative to classic and sophisticated tones we mentioned so far.   These heartwarming hues will beautify your hands and match a wide range of colors in your outfit.

Suggestions: Illamasqua Taint Nail Varnish, $14, available at Sephora.
Sonia Kashuk Chocoholic Nail Colour, $4.99, available at Target.
China Glaze Street Chic, $4.99, available at China Glaze.


The gorgeous pink and purple nail polish tones cover a wide spectrum. Lilac, cherry, pearl pink, champagne, rose.Take your pick because they all promise chic and sophisticated lady hands.  



Dolce & Gabbana Amethyst Intense Nail Lacquer, $20, available at Saks.
NARS Endless Night Nail Polish, $17, available at NARS.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato Nail Polish, $18, available at Rescue Beauty Lounge.
Butter London Fairy Lights Nail Lacquer, $14, available at Butter London.


Lastly, do not be afraid to try metallic shades such as silver, bronze, copper and gold. The luxe tones inspired by precious metals are more than perfect for special occasions and events!

SpaRitual Solstice Nail Lacquer, $10, available at SkinStore.
Deborah Lippmann Glamorous Life, $16, available at Deborah Lippmann.
NARS Space Odyssey Nail Polish, $17, available at NARS.
RGB Cosmetics Seal Nail Polish, $16, available at RGB Cosmetics.



Refinery 29


January 25, 2012


Faux and Real Wrinkle Fixes Video




January 24, 2012

10 Foods that Affect Your Risk of Breast Cancer

You cannot control many of the risk factors for developing breast cancer, such as genetics or race, but you can change the behaviors that may increase your risk.

Here are 5 foods you should avoid that cause an increased risk of breast cancer:

  1. Sugar: There is a correlation between consumption of foods with a high glycemic index and breast cancer. This includes, sugar, baked goods, candy, pasta, white rice, and other refined carbohydrates.  Foods with a high glycemic index cause a rise in blood sugar and the release of insulin. A high level of insulin also increases circulation of free estrogen in the blood.
  2. Grilled meats:  While grilling is frequently lauded as the healthiest way to cook meat, grilling certain animal proteins to high temperatures can increase development of heterocyclic amines or HCAs, mutagenic cancer causing compounds. According to the Cancer Project, HCAs are highest in well-done chicken breast, followed by steak, pork, salmon, and hamburger.
  3. High Fat Animal Products: A high fat diet raises estrogen and prolactin levels, which can give rise to hormone-dependent cancers, such as breast and endometrial cancer.  Avoid fatty animal products, such as bacon and cream, and limit red meat consumption.
  4. Dairy:  rGBH, is a chemical commonly used in American dairy cattle in order to maintain production; it comes hand-in-hand with the insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) hormone. Studies have linked higher levels of this hormone to increased risk of breast cancer.
  5. Artificial sweeteners:  Artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Equal) and sucralose (Splenda) may increase the risk of breast cancer. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners trigger insulin release in the blood when ingested. People tend consumer artificial sweeteners in excess because they are calorie free, but they too result in elevated insulin levels, as with real sugar.

Here are 5 foods that may decrease your risk of breast and other cancers:

  1. Broccoli: contains high levels of indole-3 carbinol (I3C), which studies have shown has strong anti-cancer properties and also shifts estrogen balance, which may reduce risk of developing breast cancer.
  2. Red Cabbage: also contains I3C, as well as vitamin A and the flavonoid anthocyanadin, which all reduce the risk of cancer.
  3. Chia Seeds: are high in Omega-3 acids and antioxidants. Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acid intake may decrease the risk of developing breast cancer.
  4. Shiitake mushrooms: contain lentinan, which boosts immune health and reduces risk of developing certain cancers including breast cancer.
  5. Turmeric: This spice contains curcumin, an antioxidant which studies have shown has anticancer benefits.

Source: KimberlySnyder.net



January 23, 2012


What’s the Difference Between True Wrinkles and Faux Wrinkles?

True wrinkles have had a collagen collapse. This happens when repeated facial movements break down the elastic collagen bands that give skin its firmness and elasticity. Think of a mattress that changes shape when we sleep in the same positions over a period of time. True wrinkles are best treated with formulas containing peptides, vitamins A and C, and wound healing, marine botanicals.

Faux wrinkles form in areas where the skin is thin and has lost elasticity. Around eyes, on neck, under arms, knees, hands and on inner thighs. Deep hydration with products containing hyaluronic acid, safflower oil, and marine botanicals will give an instant improvement. So will temporary tightening formulas that contain silica and microscopic filling spheres of certain botanicals.

Don’t forget that the sun causes both deeper and faux wrinkles by damaging the underlying collagen and elastin support system of our skin. 

We added a list of our formulas that improve true wrinkles and faux wrinkles below:

For True Wrinkles

  • Coneflower Eyeline Firmer
  • Coneflower Neckline Firmer
  • Coneflower Neckline & Decollete Firmer
  • Awaken Even Younger Night Cream
  • Promises Delivered Neck CreamSerum
  • Promises Delivered Neck Firming Exfoliator
  • Miraculously Younger Eye Cream
  • Miraculously Younger Serum
  • Miraculously Younger Dry Skin Moisturizer
  • Years Younger Serum

For Faux Wrinkles

  • Un-wrinkle
  • Wrinkle Treatment Concealor (with wrinkle targeting complex)
  • Coneflower Eyeline Firmer (with wrinkle targeting complex)
  • Beyond the Balm (with wrinkle targeting complex)


January 20, 2012


We have had several videos on how to improve your wrinkles using salon treatments and products. But what if you have used all these procedures and formulas and still need more improvement? The next step is to consider dermatological services. These include fillers, lasers, peels and Botox injections. Such procedures will give you a smoother, tighter, younger look with very little risk.

Still feel you need more help? The next step is to see a plastic surgeon. Their procedures include surgery and are not to be undertaken casually. I am frequently asked “when should I have plastic surgery?”. The answer depends on how unhappy you are.  It is crucial to have consultations with at least 3 different doctors.  Ask lots of questions during the consultation including “what is the worst thing that could happen during this procedure?” It is best if you can see results of their surgeries on a friend or a family member.

If you decide to go forward with cosmetic/plastic surgery make sure that you are very comfortable with the doctor, the hospital and are certain you really need to do this to feel better about yourself.

Think about this and let some time pass before you make your final decision.


January 19, 2012


Rain Boots

Though we get a lot of those dreary, stormy, rainy days this time of the year (even occasionally in the spring), not all of us invest in a solid pair of rain boots. Rain boots resemble the fun of playing in the rain and jumping in the puddles during our childhood. However as we get older, we focus on our own tastes, creativity, individuality and expression in fashion.  And with so many stylish shoe and boot options out there, rain boots just become boring, uninteresting and sometimes even ugly… or so we thought! With the fun options we are bringing you today, you will see why rain boots can help kill two birds with one stone: functional AND fashionable.

The famous Hunter Wellington boots – yes, it is the one you see everywhere – come in a variety of fun pop colors, patterns and print designs to match any color in your outfit. Made of rubber material, these boots keep the water from getting into your feet, keeping them warm and dry no matter how flooded the streets get.  With a great selection of tall and short styles, you can choose the most comfortable and trendy one for you and your unique taste. Another reason to check this brand out? They also offer a wide range of chic, sophisticated leather boots – both flat and heeled – for more fashion conscious ladies.

For those fashionistas that love high-end brands, we suggest checking out the rain boots from your choice of designers including Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, and Burberry.  Such designers offer super chic and elegant collections to help you find the perfect rain boot to match your personality and your fashion sense.

Rain boots are not a “current fashion trend” that will come and go.  They are quite the functional item definitely worth investing for. For maximum comfort and warmth during those stormy, rainy days, choose from the many colors and designs of taller (and preferably rubber) rain boots. Tuck your pants into them. With such fun, trendy options from many brands and designers, you will stay cozy and dry while flashing your unique style and showing the world not the stormiest weather can steal your thunder.

Image Source: Short Rain Boots


January 18, 2012



January 17, 2012

Fashion Trends that can be Dangerous

High Heels

High heels are not only uncomfortable after extended wear but can cause long term foot problems such as bunions and hammer toes.  Extended wear of high heals can cause tightening of the calf muscle and shortening of the Achilles Tendon, which can result in more pressure being placed on the ball of the foot and shin splints in the front of the leg.

Be mindful of how frequently you wear high heels and pointy toed shoes, and consider a shoe insert that relieves pressure.  Try to vary heel heights with options such as ballet flats, kitten heals, and riding boots.  

Fitted Clothing

Women are experiencing a condition called meralgia paresthetica, also know as “tingling thigh syndrome,” caused by tight fitting clothing compressing a nerve in the groin close to the skin’s surface.  This condition is most common in those who wear tight belts or clothing, such as police officers, construction workers, and pregnant or obese women.  However, with the popularity of fitted silhouettes the condition is more widespread.  Even control top panty hose case cause constriction.

Fitted clothing combined with high heels exacerbates the problem, as high heals tilt the pelvis forward causing further pressure.  Tight clothing can cause other problems such as bladder and yeast infections to boot.  Try to limit wear of tight clothing to 8 hours a day, 2 times a week.  If you want to wear fitted pants more frequently, try leggings instead of jeans.

Heavy Earrings

Chandelier and other heavy earring may look lovely but wearing them too frequently can cause stretching of the ear lobe or even worse, it can cause tearing all the way through. Be careful when choosing styles that are on the heavier side and limit earrings with a loop to once a week

Large Purses

Carrying a heavy bag on one side can cause spinal imbalance, as you may lean to one side resulting in poor posture.  Try to limit what you carry with you daily and when wearing a bag alternate the shoulder as not to throw off the balance of your posture.


Sources: ABC News, Dr.Oz, Huffington Post


January 16, 2012


Don’t Underestimate Your Moisturizer for Wrinkles

Our skin has its own moisturizing system. Here is how it works… Water comes up through microscopic holes on our face, evaporating off the surface and oil comes up through our pores. The purpose of the oil is to trap the moisture on the surface on the skin. This oil/water combination is nature’s perfect moisturizer. When we are young, it functions very efficiently. As we get older, it doesn’t work as well. Our oil glands start to decrease with age and skin dehydration becomes more of a problem. We add moisturizers to make up for this deficit. Formulas for moisturizing are continually improving and evolving but they are not perfected in my opinion. I feel we still don’t fully understand how to keep aging skin perfectly hydrated and protected.

How do you know if your moisturizer is working perfectly? First of all, you need to apply moisturizer in the AM and PM. When you wake up in the morning, your skin should feel moist and your faux wrinkles should be smoothed out. As you are applying your daytime moisturizer, your skin should look smoother, moister, and plumped up. Your wrinkles should look improved.

I have extremely dry skin. I always felt I was fully moisturized. My secret weapon was a moisturizing serum under my daytime and nighttime formulas. I didn’t realize until recently that by layering my nighttime formula over my daytime moisturizer, what full hydration would produce. I know that this sounds like a lot of product on your face. A serum and two moisturizers are costly in time and money but it is a lot less expensive than medical procedures. When your skin is FULLY MOISTURIZED, you will be shocked at how much younger you look.

The cold, dry winter season is the time when our skin is most challenged. For most women, the system I am proposing does not have to be done throughout the year but just during the winter when you really need it.

If your skin is extremely dry and you are having trouble getting full hydration, I would like to know what combination of products works best for you.


January 13, 2012


What is the Difference Between Coneflower Neckline Firmer and Promises Delivered?

I know many of you have been asking this question: What is the difference between the Coneflower Neckline Firmer and Promises Delivered?

Coneflower Neckline Firmer is our phenomenal formula that challenges the signs of aging. It has a cult following because it really works! It is a wonderful antidote for fragile, crepey, thin and dry skin. Its proven benefits include skin firming, line reducing and deeply moisturizing and hydrating effects. It has been a bestseller on QVC for more than 15 years. There is such a large demand for it that we can’t manufacture it fast enough! We love this formula and we know you do too!

However, whenever a new technology becomes available, we want to make use of it to bring you the very best. We took the Coneflower Neckline Firmer formula and improved it by adding a new delivery system to give you better results. That is what Promises Delivered is. With a new improved delivery technology, a lighter texture and added active ingredients, it works to bring you benefits of a cream and a serum at the same time.

When Promises Delivered was first produced, the women that tested it put it on their necks AND faces instead of just their necks and reported the amazing results back to us. We repeated the same step while we were testing for safety reasons, and found it to lead to great benefits on the face as well as your neck.

In sum, our top selling Coneflower Neckline Firmer and her sister, Promises Delivered – both of which are available - come from the same family. They are the same formula but Promises Delivered is a significant advancement over the original Coneflower. With the boosting effects of a serum and the deeply hydrating properties of a moisturizing cream, Promises Delivered is a breakthrough improvement over our amazing Coneflower Neckline Firmer.


January 12, 2012


5 Timeless Pieces Every Woman Should Own

We witness new fashion trends every season. They come, spice up our wardrobe for awhile, and then they become history. However, every woman needs certain fashion staples that never go out of style.  We have gathered the 5 pieces that make up one timeless wardrobe and numerous elegant styles.

Little Black Dress – Classic, bold, sophisticated, elegant, chic, polished…You name it because the list goes on. The little black dress is indeed the secret weapon in your wardrobe. Versatile and appropriate for any occasion, your black dress will go with anything. We cannot underestimate the black’s figure flattering and slimming effect. Pair it up with vintage fur or a bright colored light jacket. Choose a knee-length one that can be worn with any kind of shoes or boots.

White Shirt – Due to its clean, simple look, a classic sophisticated white shirt can be worn with any article of clothing. Pair it with pants AND skirts, with different fits and colors. This timeless piece also allows you to get as creative as you want with accessories such as jewelry, scarves, purses, belts and shoes. How refreshing it is to know you can create many diverse and sophisticated looks with just one piece from your wardrobe!

Classic Cardigan A basic knit cardigan is the perfect item to complete any outfit, because it is the ultimate layering piece.  Choose between a big knee-length one or a short, sweet one depending on the rest of your outfit, as well as depending on the season and the weather. We are sure you are likely to invest in multiple colors and styles when you realize how amazingly necessary this piece is.

Trenchcoat – A classic belted trenchcoat is a must for every woman’s wardrobe. Stylish yet simple, it comes in a variety of different fabrics and colors. Plus, the belted style is highly flattering for the figure.  Length-wise, we suggest one that goes down to mid-thigh or knee, so you can throw it on any outfit and achieve a polished look.

A Stylish Pair of Flat Shoes – You don’t need always heels to create a fancy, dressed up look. Complete numerous outfits with a chic pair of flats. Not only do they come in endless colors from bold dark ones to sweet bright tones, but they are also available in diverse styles such as classic-casual to peep-toe sexy. Plus, they are so much better for your feet. Now that’s a “must” investment!


January 11, 2012


Day & Night Anti-Aging Solutions Video: When Breaking the Beauty Rules Leads to Unexpected Surprises


January 10, 2012

Eat Your Way to Happiness and Health

It is not just winter weather that gives us the blues, our diet during these dark days impacts how we look and feel. Here are some suggestions for eating right, and avoiding the beauty and health hazards of the season.

  • DRY, ROUGH SKIN: Heated homes and cars and long, hot showers may warm you in the moment but they also dehydrate the skin.   Try to combat the heat by drinking plenty of water and eating whole-grain bread and rice. According to Marie Claire, recent studies show that women who consumed lipids from whole grains had reduced dryness and redness.
  • ACNE AND FLAKING: Parched conditions can disrupt exfoliation and trigger eczema, acne, and psoriasis flare ups.  Cold-water fish, such as salmon, anchovies, halibut, and arctic char contain omega-3 fatty acid which has a soothing affect on the skin.  Other omega-3 packed foods include walnuts, ground flaxseeds, and chia seeds.
  • COLD-WEATHER BLUES: Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, as it aids in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.  Recent research also indicates that vitamin D affects moods, releasing dopamine, which the brain associates with reward recognition.  Look for vitamin D enriched foods, such as fortified milk, orange juice, and yogurt.
  • ENERGY SHORTAGE: In the dark, cold days of winter we all lack the energy we have during warmers times of the year.  For continued energy throughout the day, eat a balanced breakfast, pairing lean protein such as eggs, yogurt, tofu, or nuts, with high-fiber carbohydrates such as whole-grain toasts, oats, or fresh fruit.  Women especially tend to under-eat during the day and overeat at night.
  • LOW IMMUNITY: Germs spread like wild fire during the winter because people are cooped up inside with the windows closed.  Two ingredients that help boost the immune system are vitamin C and beta carotene.  In addition to supplements, papaya, red bell peppers, oranges, Brussels sprouts, and cantaloupe are all excellent sources of vitamin C.  To bolster your immune system with beta carotene, eat plenty of leafy greens such as spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and kale, and orange produce including sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash.

Source: Marie Claire


January 9, 2012


When Breaking "Beauty Rules" Brings Fabulous Results

If you have followed my instructions for using our products, you know that I feel very strongly about using formulas that are made for specific areas of your face. In the case of a night cream, we know from research that the best results come when you use it only during the night time. We have recently reintroduced our Awaken Even Younger night cream and it is awesome! Rich, buttery, full of banana extract with its delicious aroma and a feel that makes you want to put it on your face. The results from this unctuous product are an intense moisture surge to your dry, thirsty skin and improved smoothness of the skin texture.

Here’s how I broke the beauty rules myself… I applied this amazing formula over Promises Delivered before I went to bed. The reason I did this is because I had just gotten off of a long plane flight and my skin was so dry that I couldn’t believe it. I was in my bathroom looking into my magnifying mirror and I said to myself “what can I do?”.  I had already cleaned my face and without thinking, instead of putting on the night cream, I reached for the wrong jar and put on Promises Delivered. When I realized my mistake, I said “of course! Put Awaken Even Younger over it”. I couldn’t believe the amount of hydration I saw by using these formulas one over the other when I looked in the mirror. When I went to work the next day, all of my staff and clients were a buzz about how great my skin looked.

I have continued this night time process of using these formulas together.  I now have no faux wrinkles and my real wrinkles are almost all gone. I have seen other benefits. My skin - which was smooth to begin with - is now unbelievably smoother and poreless, and appears to be firmer and tighter. These are instant benefits from extreme moisturization. Part of the improvement process has come from the exfoliating benefits of the night cream. I stumbled on a beauty breakthrough. I used these two together all over my face, around my eyes and on my neck and hands. I believe that by breaking the beauty rules in this way we have created a new synergy that is better than either one of these products alone.

I want to hear about your experiences: Try it and see how it works for you! 



January 6, 2012


What are the Top 5 Ways to Decrease Your Wrinkles?

  1. Use Anti-aging formulas with active ingredients. They promote your skin’s firmness. We love peptides, we love botanical wound healers (Coneflower and Centella Asiatica)
  2. Use an anti-aging serum. Serums are anti-aging boosters that you can wear under moisturizers. As they are loaded with active ingredients, they will take your skin to another level.
  3. Exfoliate:  Exfoliation will give your skin a better texture as well as allowing the active ingredients to penetrate more effectively into your skin. Our favorite for aging skin is lactic acid from milk, that also promotes hydration.
  4. Super-moisturizers will fill in your faux wrinkles. They also have the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin via hi-tech delivery systems.
  5. Un-Wrinkle: This product gives instant wrinkle smoothing! You see benefits only when it’s on your face but it works like a miracle. It is a great trick for temporarily improving your wrinkles.


Important Tip: Our Promises Delivered Neck CreamSerum with our Awaken Even Younger Night Cream layered on top of it during the day AND night  gives awesome results for dry aging wrinkled skin. Why don’t you give it a try?




January 5, 2012



The word “wrinkle” is often referred to in a negative way: Wrinkles on face, wrinkles around eyes, wrinkles on neck and chest. Always something we are trying to correct, smooth out and get rid of… But what if we brought you a version of ‘wrinkles’ that is more positive? Yes, they are still wrinkles, but on your clothes, instead of on your face. On that note, we are bringing you a fashion trend in which ruched dresses, wrinkled fabrics, crepey clothes and gathered material will only add to your sophistication.

The great benefit of these crepe, wrinkly or ruched fabrics is that they flatter your figure without adding bulk and they have excellent versatility. Such material including silk, wool, or polyester are lightweight, thin, and drapey. Therefore, they add a graceful movement to your overall outfit while bringing a unique edge to your appearance and fashion sense.

Wear a light top with a purposefully wrinkled texture such as a silk chiffon blouse. Pair it with a smooth, ironed skirt or a wrinkle-free pair of pants to create some contrast and make a bold fashion statement. For a night out, choose from the endless varieties of crepe dresses with ruching at the waist, shoulders, or skirt.  Pair a classic shirt with a dirndl skirt to accentuate your waist and shape. If your overall outfit is wrinkle-free, add a little twist by wrapping a crinkly scarf around your neck.

However you decide to sport these fabrics for a casual day or for an event, make sure to get creative and have fun, because these “wrinkles and crinkles” will only flatter your form and add charm to your appearance.

TIP: Keep one part of your outfit “wrinkly” and one part structured to balance your look. Typically, choosing a wrinkly-textured fabric for a top and wearing a structured bottom (skirt or pants) is the most figure flattering look.



January 4, 2012

Instant Line Smoothing Formula Video


January 3, 2012

Eat and Drink Your Way to Fewer Wrinkles!

In addition to your skincare regimen, foods rich in antioxidants can help decrease inflammation and free radical damage.  The following anti-wrinkle foods will help improve the look and feel of your skin.

·        Blueberries: have 40 per cent more antioxidant capacity than strawberries. They are high in vitamin C and can help strengthen collagen formation, which reduces the signs of aging.  Add blueberries to your morning oatmeal or smoothie or eat them on their own as a healthy snack.

·        Tomatoes: contain lycopene, which has been shown to reduce skin cell damage and redness. In order to increase absorption of lycopene, it needs to be combined with a healthy fat. So mix some extra-virgin olive oil into your tomato sauce or add tomatoes to your next batch of guacamole.

·        Fish: Salmon, like other cold-water fish, is a great source of protein, an important building block of great skin, and is also rich in essential fatty acid known as omega-3. According to WebMD, essential fatty acids help nourish skin and keep it plump and youthful, helping to reduce wrinkles.  Flax seeds and omega-3 fortified milk and eggs are also good sources of fatty acid.

·        Soy: Research indicates that soy may help protect against and heal photoaging damage from the sun.  Studies have also shown that after taking a soy-based supplement for six months, participants showed improved skin structure and firmness, according to WedMD.

·        Water: Drink plenty of water to help improve the texture of your skin and reduce fine lines. Also, try to minimize beverages that have the opposite effect such as alcohol and coffee.  Strive for a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of distilled water or herbal tea each day.

Sources: WebMD, CanadianLiving.com

January 2, 2012

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles form in several ways.  You inherit facial muscle movements that show expression.  Look at family pictures to see what will happen to your face.

Our environment also contributes to facial lines.  We know that sun exposure speeds up the aging process and creates more wrinkles.  Dry air is also an environmental factor that causes wrinkling….something that we call faux wrinkles.

Have you noticed that one side of your face seems to have more lines?  The side we sleep on takes more pressure and creates “pressure lines.”

So what can we do to prevent and improve this situation?

  • Forget trying to change your facial expressions.  Showing emotion is what makes you special.
  • Apply sunscreen as faithfully as you brush your teeth.
  • Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
  • Drink water as often as possible.  This will create internal hydration that will show on your face.
  • Sleep on a silk or high thread count cotton pillow case.
  • Smile! It lifts your whole face!

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