October 31, 2012

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October 26, 2012

Beauty Sleep

A deep, full night’s sleep is one of the best anti-aging weapons. Sleeping and resting are among the best ways to fight aging; it is called “beauty sleep” after all!

When we sleep, our body goes into a healing and recovery process after a full day’s activity. It is during this time that our body releases the hormones that help us grow and look young.

But how can we maximize the anti aging benefits of beauty sleep? By getting a truly complete and full rest on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to sleep soundly and take advantage of  this natural anti-aging secret.

Avoid consuming alcohol before going to bed. A glass of wine after dinner might be tempting. But the drowsiness that follows is only temporary. In fact, alcohol consumption can wake you up in the middle of the night, which interrupts your body from deep, peaceful sleep

Say no to caffeinated food and drinks. You might be used to drinking coffee anytime of the day, but cutting down and eventually quitting caffeine will greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Drink decaffeinated coffee if you can and avoid eating caffeine containing foods.

Calm down and wind down. Take your time to relax and wind down before going to bed. Try to stay away from activities that will make your mind run or your body pumped, especially right before bed. A hot shower or bath is a great way to calm your body down.


Source: Dermajuv Report


October 25, 2012

Timeless Fall Fashion Staples


The ultimate fall/winter staple! Flat or high-heeled, boots are the perfect item to polish any look, adding sophistication, style and taste while keeping your feet warm! Choose a pair that flatters your legs, hiding the parts you prefer not to show. Black or brown? Depends on you and the rest of your wardrobe!

Trench coat

A good trench-coat is possibly the other most important item in your fall wardrobe. Choose a timeless color that can be worn with a wide range of tones, and which you can match with diverse accessories.

Fitted Jacket or Blazer

A fitted jacket, in a neutral color, is another fall season “must”.  This elegant piece when combined with brooches, scarves or other accessories will let you show your chic style.


Comfort and style at the same time! Not only does it keep you warm, a soft turtleneck also brings the attention to your face, framing it in a very feminine way.

Cashmere Sweater

Whether in neutrals or lively hues, a sweater will complete any outfit. If you are wearing lively colors, choose one in a matching tone. If you are wearing all black, pick a bright colored sweater to add a touch of color. A cardigan is another great choice to complete any outfit.


October 24, 2012

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Anti-Aging Night-Time Regimen

October 23, 2012

The “Superhero” Anti-Wrinkle Juices

We all want to fight wrinkles in every way we know how. In addition to taking care of our skin with anti-aging formulas from the outside, healthy superfoods help us with improving our skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles from “the inside” because they provide amazing anti-aging benefits.

Here are some of the amazing juice ingredients that have been found to be extremely beneficial in fighting wrinkles and getting glowing, younger looking skin.

Beet Juice – Traditionally used to clean and support the liver, beet juice is rich in carotenes. The leaves, which can be juiced along with the stems, are loaded with minerals, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium.

Carrot juice – This is one of nature’s richest sources of alpha- and beta-carotene. And did you know that alpha-carotene is considered nature’s best natural sun blocker? All the more reason to drink carrot juice!

Cucumber and bell pepper juices – Excellent sources of silicon, which is known to improve the appearance of the skin. Another major perk? As the pH of cucumber is close to that of the skin, it may help prevent wrinkles!

Ginger juice – Rich in zinc, ginger juice is an excellent anti-inflammatory!

Green leafy vegetable juices – Parsley, spinach, kale, chard, beet tops, mustard greens, wheatgrass… The juice of these herbs and vegetables are particularly rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants and alkalizing minerals.

Parsnip juice – A traditional remedy for beautifying the skin, hair and nails.


Source: The Wrinkle Cleanse by Cherie Calbom

October 22nd, 2012

Seasonal Changes in your Night-time Regimen

Night Creams are rich, luscious formulas formulated to hydrate and treat your skin while you sleep.

During the colder, drier times of winter, these rich formulas are absolutely necessary for keeping aging skin hydrated, soft and smooth. They provide treatment benefits even when the harsh environment is sucking moisture out of our skin. Night creams can have enhanced benefits when coupled with anti-aging serums under. During the coldest months, apply your serum followed by a thicker layer of night cream on your face. Massage it in until it is completely absorbed. Make sure there is a humidifier in your bedroom.

 During the summer, lighten up your night-time regimen. A thinner application and massaging the night cream will do the job. If you live in a moist, humid climate, a humidifier is not needed. Summer is also a good time to switch your exfoliation product for use before your night cream.

October 19, 2012

Day Cream versus Night Cream

Why do we need two different creams? The answer is because there are different conditions to be addressed depending on the time of the day.

Day creams need to protect us from the sun, heat, cold, wind and pollution. They are formulated to act as a barrier against moisture loss, and also add moisture to our skin. These creams may contain ingredients that instantly plump up lines and wrinkle. They may also have long term firming and lifting properties. And furthermore, they act as a base for makeup application.

Night creams, on the other hand, provide treatment benefits when we are sleeping in an enclosed environment. They are packed with botanical complexes and many active ingredients that take advantage of the body’s reparative process while we are sleeping. They have the ability to stimulate and calm our skin with treatment benefits. You know your night cream is working if you look younger in the morning than when you went to sleep.

Use a night cream in conjunction with your day cream; it will take your skin to the next level.


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Night Time Regimen




October 15, 2012

How Your Skin Repairs Best At Night

Our skin heal in the best way while we are sleeping at night. This is because our whole body slows down and goes into a reparative mode to help heal the damages from the day.

In addition to this, at night we are inside, in a more protective environment. We are not exposed to sun or any light that could potentially damage our skin. We are not in contact with harsh pollutants in the air like we are during the day.

Night time is our body’s resting and healing time. Because we are not digesting, our body and its bodily functions are all at rest. This rest period is like a mini fast, which helps clear our skin and makes our eyes brighter.

Night creams are formulated to take advantage of this healing process of the body. They are loaded with more corrective active ingredients to get the reparative anti-aging results we need.

Be sure to use these special anti-aging creams and be consistent in their application. You will see the big difference in your skin.

October 12, 2012

Why Concealers Are So Important 

When it comes to anti-aging, of course, your skincare products such as your eye cream and moisturizer come first. But after your skincare products, it is my belief that concealers are your best anti aging formulas! Here’s why:

  • You can see instant benefits by fully covering up a wide range of imperfections.
  • Learning how use beauty tools for professional application and blending can make an amazing different. I cannot live without my camouflage brushes that I use to apply my concealers.
  • Understanding the different textures of concealers (such as creams, powders and sticks), as well as knowing when to use each type of concealer is key to getting a flawless look.
  • Concealers in specialized colors for specific skin flaws can work wonders.
  • Learn the right order to apply your concealers for best results. For example, Red Neutralizer goes on clean, moisturized skin. Other cream concealers should be applied after foundation. Powdered concealers go last.

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Red Neutralizer Secrets


October 9th 2012

Hide from a Cold 

Inconsistent temperatures this winter season have resulted in cold and flu like viruses spreading throughout offices, schools, and exercise facilities.  Avoid coming down with a life interrupting virus by following these simple steps:

  • Staying inside your nice toasty home or apartment might seem like the best way to avoid a cold, but being cooped up keeps you in close contact to other people and their germs.  Get outside for some fresh air to avoid all those germs and boost immunity.
  • Stress increases susceptibility to catching a cold.  Relax, make sure you get enough sleep and eat right, and do not cheat yourself out of time to exercise. 
  • Wash your hands! Viruses can survive on tables and doorknobs for up to eight hours. 
  • Get some sleep! Continuous lack of sleep can hurt immunity and also increase risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.  Anything less than 7 hours of sleep a night nearly triples your risk of catching a cold.


Source: Health Magazine

October 8th 2012

How I Use Concealers 

I use several different concealers to cover and correct different problems on my face.

For redness – To even out the palette of my face, I apply Red Neutralizer No.2 all over my clean, moisturized skin.  

Tip: The rest of the formulas should go on top of foundation for all over coverage.

After applying Red Neutralizer No. 2 and then my foundation, I use the rest of my concealers products for specific reasons. I make sure to use the least amount possible while applying each of them.

For my eyelids – I apply Even-ing Concealer to act as a neutralizer of redness on my eye lids. The powder form is the perfect base for eye makeup such as liners and shadows.

For details around the edge of my lips– I use Wrinkle Treatment Concealer to define the shape of my lips because my lip line is fading.

For darkness under my eyes – I use Coverall under eye concealer.

Tip: Use the camouflage brushes to apply and blend all of these concealers; one brush for powder concealers and another one for creams.


October 5th, 2012

My Top Four Wrinkle Tips

Wrinkles come in different sizes and shapes on different parts of the face. Understanding the specialized products and techniques for applying them can instantly give you a wrinkle-free face.

Faux wrinkles are caused by dehydrated skin. They usually show up first on the areas where the skin is thinner such as around the eyes and on the neck. They are easy to correct with a super hydrating serum and moisturizer combo. Be sure to drink plenty of water because internal dehydration also contributes to this problem.

Un-wrinkle provides an instant temporary fix by forming a film that smoothes out wrinkles. It only works while it is on your face. And the instructions for applying it must be followed meticulously. Un-wrinkle has been a top-selling product for years for its ability to temporarily diminish the look of wrinkles completely AND instantly.

Wrinkle Treatment Concealer – Wrinkles look like dark marks on our face because light falls into the bottom of the wrinkle, creating this effect. By painting a light colored concealer along the depth of the wrinkle, we create an illusion of diminishing these imperfections…This is a great trick.

Line Lifting Therapy Mask will transform aging, wrinkled, sagging skin. I use it every time before I am going to be photographed, before a special event or before I’m going to be on television. Follow this mask (which takes about 15 minutes) with Dry Parts Moisture Mask (about 15 minutes) and you’ll look like you had a tightening face lift. The secret to getting these spectacular results from the Line Lifting mask is to use a hairdryer to speed the drying of the mask. Once it is dry and tight on your face, hold your face immobile so that it does not crack.


October 4th, 2012

Fall’s Stylish Boots

The arrival of colder weather, chilly winds and stormy rains may not be so fun – but the arrival of fall signals the beginning of yet another exciting wave of fashion trends – especially when it comes to footwear. It is “boot weather”, after all.  Here are some of the most popular options for sophisticated, fashionable and practical boots for this fall. Not only will they keep your feet warm (and dry) but they will look very chic, doing it.


Booties can be considered as the chic meeting point of shoes and boots. Stylish and versatile enough to complete everything from jeans to dresses, bootie shoe options include open toes and cutout uppers, as well as traditional closed-toed booties.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots may be more of a difficult option to flatter everyone, as they tend to make the calves look thicker and shorter. When worn well, however, ankle boots can also be one of the most dynamic fashion statement complete your outfit.

Flat boots

Whether you are going casual or dressy, flat boots are a popular choice both because of their comfort and their ability to look great with everything.

Sexy Boots

If you want to be a little daring for a night out, you have a wide range of fashion boots that are sexy and practical at the same time. Though they might not be the best option of the coldest winter days, they will help keep your legs warm on chilly evenings, while stealing everyone’s attention with their charm.

Knee High Boots

An elegant pair of knee-high boots (or two) is one of the top choices for footwear every fall. Not only are they versatile but they are also highly flattering. An invaluable, timeless piece in every woman’ s wardrobe.

October 3rd, 2012

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Imperfection Correction Concealing Kit



October 2nd, 2012 

Stress Free Travels

Recent reports have shown that just the act of planning a vacation can lower stress.  So start your research early and start reaping the benefits right away!

Skipping town can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which will also help reduce belly fat.  Engage in other leisure activities while on vacation to help further relax. 

Vacation can help you to decompress.  Women who go on two or more vacations a year are less likely to develop heart disease and are also more likely to be happy in their relationships. 

While planning a trip and taking a vacation are great for stress relief, they can sometimes result in financial worry.  Enjoy your vacation, without financial stress, with the following tips:

  • Pay for your trip in advance.  Saving for your trip can build excitement and reduce your money worries during your travels.
  • Book flights on a Tuesday evening.  Tuesday is typically when airlines release any specials and is the best time score cheap airfare.
  • Splurge on the things that are most meaningful to you:
    • If you want to indulge: go for the all-inclusive resort and spring for a massage.
    • If you’re a foodie that wants try the best local eats: choose a less expensive hotel or guest house, visit high-end restaurants for lunch, and be sure to check daily deal sites for discounts. 
    • Looking for culture and adventure: choose an inexpensive B&B and try not to splurge on meals that do not add to the experience.  Pick the outings with the most multicultural, varies experience.
  • Consider affordable alternatives:
    • Planning a beach vacation: instead of the Caribbean, tryCentral America
    • Going Skiing: instead ofAspen,Colorado, tryTaos,New Mexico
    • U.S.city excursion: go forSan Franciscoinstead of New Yrok
    • Looking for a European adventure: tryLisbon,Portugalinstead ofParis


Sources: Self Magazine, Fitness Magazine


October 1st, 2012

The Many Textures of Concealers

Not only do concealers come in different shades but they also are made with different consistencies. It’s important to understand the texture of the concealer for the problem we’re trying to correct. Let’s look at these different types:

Cream… The most pigment dense type which gives maximum coverage. Extremely easy to blend. Cover-all Undereye Concealer

Pressed Cream…Handy compact packaging with medium to heavy coverage. It’s the most convenient to carry around. Red Neutralizer No.2

Powder… Best for oily areas like upper eyelids, nose and chin. Simple application and blending. Even-ing Concealer.

Cream-to-Powder…Amazing for under-eye darkness on beginning-to-age eye area. Multiple applications give necessary coverage. C-Circles Vanish.

Fluid or Pump… Thinnest consistency. Usually applied all-over the face or on larger areas. Layering will accomplish density for proper coverage. Wrinkle Treatment Concealer.

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