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Firmer-Looking Body Kit
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Our anti-aging body skincare duo is back for limited time only to hydrate, correct and protect your skin against the harsh winter cold.


Watch Diane explain the mystery of the snakebite plant and tiger grass in these two potent anti-aging formulas and why they are so effective in correcting the signs of aging.


Watch Diane to hear our very dear customer, Jean's story about how our formulas have helped her...


No more cracked, dry, aging skin on your body. Watch Diane explain how this anti-aging duo works!


8 oz Coneflower Crepey Bodyskin Firmer  

Hydrate and protect dry, crepey skin all over your body. Use it under your arms, on inner thighs, around your knees and everywhere else on your body to correct extremely dry body skin to look smoother and firmer. 

FREE Intensive Heeling Dry Foot Formula

Say goodbye to the problem of dry, rough, cracked skin on your heels with this super healing anti-aging formula designed specifically for the feet.


 Valid until FRIDAY, 03/14/14 05:59 pm EST

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