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Tone Correction, Flaw Perfection
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Instant skin perfection... Velvety smooth complexion:
Erase pores, hide redness, diminish the look of wrinkles, and smooth out all irregularities with this Complete Tone Correction & Flaw Perfection Kit.

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FREE Original Red Neutralizer Sample
(0.25 oz) 
Our top-seller in its original form is a pigment dense, khaki colored concealer that instantly neutralizes and conceals everything. Color correct blemishes, rosacea, broken capillaries, sun damage, lupus, redness and cosmetic surgery scars.

Invisible Foundation of Youth for Pores
Our amazing instant pore perfecter is an oil-free silicone base that fills in enlarged pores and smooths out irregularities in skin's appearance.

Extreme Dark Circles: Peach & Khaki
Our light, moisturizing, concealing formula addresses extreme darkness around the eye area by color correcting red and purple circles. Apply with the applicator wand to transform tired eyes. Custom-blend the two shades to achieve perfect coverage.

Wrinkle Treatment Concealer
A concealer and a treatment in one formula, with special firming properties, visually erases lines and wrinkles.


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